Super Bowl Bound: 49ers and Chiefs

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Did bill. We made it to the Super Bowl. You me and Jimmy Garoppolo. I feel I I may have sweat more watching the NFC championship game. That Jimmy Garoppolo actually swept playing being in the NFC championship game. Bill Barnwell is a senior football writer at ESPN and the host of the bill. Barnwell show so after two weeks Of Extremely Exciting Football Championship weekend did not disappoint niners and chiefs fans disappointed pretty much everyone else or at least anyone who wanted close close games both favorites dominated so let's start with the most dominant team the San Francisco Forty niners bill win the niners packers met earlier earlier. This season. Aaron Rodgers had one of the worst games of his career threw for one hundred and four yards. Tonight he threw for three hundred twenty six yards But the result wasn't much better. Why is that okay? So the first time these two teams played the niners won with an absolutely dominant. Pash Josh Rush Nick. Bosa and his teammates knocked down Aaron Rodgers ten times on Sunday. The only knockdown Aaron Rogers twice and while they did hold them without a first down conversion in the first half both of those games the packers movable pretty consistently I should say after after halftime instead the forty niners otherworldly in a different way on Sunday they ran the ball forty two times for two hundred eighty five yards and four. We're touchdowns averaging nearly seven yards per carry to put that in context. ESPN has a stat called expected. Points with measures how each play impacts team's James Chances of scoring on a given the forty niners racked up the second most rushing. EPA for any team in a game this season and and the most for any single team in a playoff game over the last decade just narrowly beating out the prior record holder. which just happened to be the forty niners? Twenty wanting twelve playoff win over. The Green Bay Packers would Colin Kaepernick. Ran For one hundred. Eighty one rushing yards. So they're leading rusher tonight. I was not Colin Kaepernick. It was re Moster who ran for two hundred and twenty yards by himself. were good has hat trick the first half of the NFC championship game deserves a hat trick of field grade baby bill. Will I am guessing. A decent amount of football fans hadn't heard Ramos before tonight. Okay so you mustard is basically it accident accident in football terms but it's such a cool story so the Shanahan offense has a history of unearthing obscure running back and turning them into stars going back to Mike Shanahan stays in Denver but even among those backs most particularly remarkable case. Liners did everything they could to find a different running back over the past a couple of years. They hand picked a runner who they traded up to nab in the two thousand seventeen draft never played a game for the team. They signed Jerick McKinnon Torres. ACL He's collected more than and twenty one million dollars for the niners without ever playing a single game for the team. This offseason they added. Kevin Coleman from the Falcons who suffered an injury in the first half and that opened up the door from western and most of its story is easy to root for. You heard him talk about it. After the biggest game of his life on Sunday crazy that I've been on seven. Different teams actually still have cut dates every before every game a look at the dates when I got cut not everybody can can deal. Would that type of stressing the pain and agony I went through. I kept the faith to not only myself but whoever gave me the opportunity is organization has done a great job most are made the niners roster as a special teamer at first but after he looked good in limited time last season they gave him a three year extension after playing. Well this season most are just became the first running back. NFL history to top two hundred rushing yards and scored four rushing touchdowns in a single game. That's never happened in the playoffs playoffs before pretty good for a guy who was really an afterthought until the two thousand eighteen season. What's just remarkable? Bill is those two hundred twenty rushing yards. Were nearly three times as many yards as Garoppolo the night as quarterback past for which made for a remarkable stat sheet. There was a point in this football game where according to ESPN stats and Info. Jimmy went ninety four minutes in real time without attempting a pass so I have to ask going into the Super Bowl. Is that a sustainable offensive approach. I mean we all had that friend and in our twenties who got by succeeded solely because they were good looking right now that friend is Jimmy. Garoppolo I mean in the divisional round. He barely through through the football in the conference championship game. He barely through the football. We saw a similar situation with Ryan. Tannehill right over the first two weeks of his post. The season and when Tennessee ran into an offensive juggernaut with the chiefs their offense with Danny Hillis not able to accelerate into a higher gear. Now of course Garoppolo is the one who has to face the chiefs unless the forty niners can shut down the Kansas City. Passing game with their pass rush which isn't out of the question they're going to need to throw the football more quite a bit more. We've seen the niners succeed in games or Garoppolo and to throw the ball at ton with the Saints Win. Maybe as a notable for example but since Garoppolo through that interception against the Vikings in the divisional round cow Shanahan has called seventy one runs against just twelve passes passes even if the niners do end up throwing the ball effectively against the chiefs. It's clear that Shanahan doesn't WANNA put the game on Garoppolo shoulders unless absolutely necessary and that in itself is telling throughout the game bill packers fans were frustrated. Understand police and they seem to be taking out some of their wrath on the coaches arguing. They should have devised better game. Plans to both run the ball more and stop the run and do you think there's anything that Matt Leflore or the Packers Defensive Coordinator Mike Patton could have done differently in this game. Yeah I think so I think to be fair. Shanahan might just ask pedants number. It just felt like you is several steps ahead of the packers defensive coordinator and when pen and tried to adjust it just never seemed to catch up and work there. There was one play I think in the second quarter was a microcosm of everything that went wrong for the packers in this game. They came out in their nickle package with five defensive backs against the forty niners base. He's too back offense which created the size mismatch. The niners pitched the Baltimore and not only did he have a huge hole but he made both safeties with on their tackle attempts downfield win for about thirty yards. pedants struggled to put his players in positions where they could succeed and meanwhile leflore didn't coach like a guy who was a seven point underdog. The packers punted. I believe on their first drive on fourth and one from the fifty yard line. We know the packers are enormously more effective offense with Aaron Aaron Jones on the field but the floor still Jamal Williams their backup running back. Play over thirty percent of the offensive snaps and he didn't really take advantage of move the niners movement Richard Sherman. That was really fascinating during the regular season for the niners and during the vast majority of his time in Seattle Sherman signed up for almost every every snap asked the left cornerback. Defense playing against the right side of the offense. The niners started the game on Sunday. Which chairman on the opposite side of the field on the right side of the defense on the left side of the offense against devante items and while Sharon didn't travel to the left side very frequently? He did do it a few times during the first half. The second half Adams was able to be isolated Sherman over the top for a huge play downfield. I think that played about half of his snaps on either side of the field. I would have liked to have seen for trying to isolate him against German a little more often and take his chances with

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