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Hello. Welcome to a special bonus episode of peace out last season. We asked you to tell us about your safe space. The place and people people with whom you felt safest happiest and commerce now. Why did we ask you that? It's important for all of us to have a place or person that we know we can always go to when we're feeling upset or worried or scared a place where you feel feel calm a place where you can really feel that you can be yourself and a person who can cheer you up. Or if they can't they're able to just sit quietly with you for as long as you need or maybe it's something like a Steffi or your fluffy's pillow something comforting thing and that reminds you of all the other times you felt your most relaxed. We heard from children from all around the world. We couldn't share share them all during season three but we did listen to them all and they were just so amazing that we're going to share them here now. Let's start art with vivid here. She is and then Pan Am nine years old massive spacious beach because I love jumping over waves and looking at all the beautiful things I have all the wildlife and I hope you do too by. I do of wildlife to thanks for sharing the highway. Wish Day I live in Montreal. My call place is when I'm in bed. You're listening to peace out with my mom. My happy place is when I rather may school with my friend. Layla messy shoddy. Sounds like yes really amazing people people in your life including your mom in Leyla now. Here's Kylie I'm. I'm six years all I live in. Should call go my safe spaces with rideshare me listening to your podcast Kylie I. I wonder if you're listening with your family right now. The sound wonderful and so do you brea in the United States throat in. Hi My name is brea and I love peace out. I listened to it every night. I am ten years old and in Illinois. My safe-space is when I'm with my stuffed animal. Edward is actually five years old. My Com space is when I'm in bed listening to peace out. My happy space is when I'm with my African side Neck Turtle Quirky once again. I love peace out. Thanks for you and we love you to say hello to Edward and quack for us we want to say hello to Mrs Manners. And her amazing students they listen to peace out in the afternoons and wanted to share their safe spaces to hear our CAITLYN. Ellis I'm Caitlyn. I'm a lesson and die forming. Good I listen to peace with my teacher Mrs Mattis I like peace because it calms me down off to a hot day of whack. My happy place is in my bedroom with all my favorite toys video games might come place. Nice is in delivering with with my family impacts. ps I most his stick. My Name is Alice on eleven years old or listen the UK and listen to peace with multi Mismanaged at school. I like peace out because it's relaxing so relaxing. My happy places hyman playing xbox Michael in places saying in the corner of my room peace out high hi articles Kian undermine eleven years old and on some England. Are you love pace out because does it makes me relax and full to sleep. Pay Out and pay within. Thank you Mrs Mrs Manners. Sounds like an awesome teacher. And you all sound like incredible students who are aware of what works for you and what you can do to help the yourself. Calm down and relax. Thank you here are few listeners. Who Saves Space is at home getting comfy and cozy right before or they go to sleep or just being at home with their families? My Name is Colin Alliot. Three years old but species species with ceased spaces with by dad in Family is blige Bought my mom copy space in my bed. Listen to peace out my name. Is Wesley aaliyah hit an. Im five years old. I am corner Elliott's brother and myself space is called lean with my brother. My a happy space is Pints Walker my backyard with my dad and my brother and my com space is at my house. Curled up was Steffi's Boeing kit surrounding me. Hi My name is August. I'm for years old. L. Of in California. Yeah and my happy space is my playroom and my calms basis. My Bird and my safe places at home. Hello I'm Friday at five years old from England I come is where my family by safe-space more make my my happy space grandad alone renamed tug review. Loan my happiest basis with my family. mccombs bit is playing That with this time and come uh-huh in my little hammocks wing. Hi My name is Eliana. My space is with my family. M My happy ladies. Having to Butler's at at my friend's house and my Calms Space Israel will win I near nature by money courtroom and I love in Philadelphia Mice safe-space Israel my parents and my happy space is a my bed. In my com space is worsening. The piece Oh hello my name is so sixers or I live in Auto Minnesota. My Com space is in my room. My safe spaces risk by dead. My hobbies I is with my family. I like peace show thanks. My name is Alice in. I M. I'm for Michael's space is a marine corner in my bed. I'm happy when I'm moon vacation with family. Hello Chanel my name is Charlotte. I'm four years old. I live in Seamy Valley cowl Slovenia and Assoc. Now's the Best Denaro saw Mitt and my happy place is when I'm with my family playing at school with my friends and my comes. Fleiss is is listening. Piece Adam appeasal than with my mom making her rubbed my back in the software back. Thank you coren Wesley. August Frazier Dr Tag Eliana Coltrane Silas Ellis and Charlotte. The world is such an exciting place to explore in discover. But it's always so good to know that you have a safe space at home to go back to and with people there who love you. Thank you all for sharing during

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