Review: Why wait? 'Sonic the Hedgehog' worth rushing to see


Sonic the sonic the hedgehog okay this is this this got pushed back several months on the release schedule because people took people took one look at the sonic as it was animated not just the teeth but the the the cabs yeah yeah yeah yeah I don't remember that he rather rather to human muscular legs was was kind of creepy under the blue for this is a live action animated hybrid where sonic pops in from another planet lives amongst us in in a small town in Montana in hiding because people want people and other aliens want his power and but once with one time at one point when he sort of what's his power loose and causes a blackout across the entire Pacific Northwest suddenly the military's interested and this is their expert doctor I've Robotnik and enter the reason to see the movie Jim Carrey his first comic Roland says here to say this is he has one one year unless you count that that dark TV series he's doing getting getting I wouldn't count yeah the last time you did a straight out comedy was dumb and dumber to that's right six years ago and each boy we miss him really he has he's always out here I mean what he's on and he's on here if it's worthwhile and he's a reason to see this movie because otherwise it's it's basically you know a a broke triple James Marsden and a blue ball did not interest yeah I wish we did that with hop which is

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