Jennifer Hudson to perform Kobe Bryant tribute at All-Star Game


We mentioned some of the people who are going to be in Chicago for this weekend queenly T. far going to be performing the national anthem before the rising stars game chance the rapper we'll be joined at half time during the all star game itself with will win in DJ khallid Shaka Kahn pride of can what high school will be performing the national anthem for the game and common will be welcoming fans to the United center before the game itself everyone's been asking about this Kobe Bryant tribute that's gonna happen at the all star game can't think of anybody better than Jennifer Hudson to does sing a tribute to Kobe and his daughter and all the victims of that horrible a helicopter crash Jennifer is the the go to person it seems for the past several years when there's been some tragedy right before the Grammys or some big award show Jennifer always finds just exactly the right tone to to bring to something to be respectful but also celebratory at the same time so we'll be covering in reporting and follow these people around all weekend so hopefully we'll have some interviews for you on Monday

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