The Long Road Back to the PGA Tour, with Joseph Bramlett Podcast


People are looking for someone to root for this week? Joseph Bramlett has to be your guy. Yeah thirty one years old. He was the youngest ever. Got To qualify for the US. Am hand you know. He basically took like seven years away from the top levels of the game. I mean as someone who's back as someone who tried to play Pro Golfer a couple years and then you know so the writing on the wall and quit. Yeah I have major admiration for someone that saw the top of the tower and then went to the deepest dungeon. And now has yeah. He's out of it. He had his back. He's LEGIT PGA Tour Player. Top twenty last week at pebble so he was a great guy to talk to him. Yeah we talked to him about twenty minutes. We talked to Rafael. Who is the owner of Genesis for another fifteen or twenty minutes and he told us basically everything that their brain is doing here this week? Why they love this event while they love. La Gulf stay tuned for that a little bit later for now here is Joseph Bramlett are we are here in What is now the Genesis invitatinal press conference center with? Joseph Bramlett the Charlie Sifford exemption. This week now your first time as the Charlie Sifford exemption but a lot has changed internalize since two thousand eleven. When you were in that position the first time you just came off the top twentieth pebble. How are you feeling about the game right now? I feel good. Yeah I feel really good. My coach and I did a lot of hard work in the off season Felt like I was showing some good signs. The first couple events this season and then To have a nice respectable finish last week was a good stuff for people. That don't know your back story like let's just rip through. His backstory is taking taking shots at me. A rude you were a phenom growing up. Tell us just a little bit about where you're from. You know how you got here. Wow okay well story here we go. Yeah I grew up. In San Jose California was born in Stanford Hospital grew up playing junior golf in San Jose Bay area. Yeah when I was fourteen I was the youngest to compete in the US amador. That was a big big accomplishment for me at the time and were teen years old. Yeah it was very young. Yeah it was really cool. I I was got a little bit of media coverage and a lot of attention from college coaches so made the recruiting process. Really easy for me and Yeah from there. I played a lot of amador. Golf in northern California I went to school at Stanford Was able to graduate in two thousand ten and At the end of the year I went through school and was able to get out here in two thousand eleven straight out of college which was amazing steal. It was a big company. People can pull that off no not at all and it was. It was incredible is amazing experience. I would say that I was probably a little bit unprepared for some of the things that came along with playing professional golf. What just how frequently. We Compete Growing up I would play at tournament for three days and then I take two or three weeks off prepping for the next tournament and out here. If you miss a cut and then you've got like five days to get ready for the next one and you my my rookie year. I played nine events in a row and I played eleven out of twelve weeks straight. So I'd never done anything like that big life. Yeah it was. It was just a huge life shock. I mean not only was I competing often but I also didn't go home for like two or three months and I'd never done that before so it was just. It was a big growing experience. That lines up with a lot of what to rookies have told me in the past and are held. Varner said something like that just like your first year is such a learning curve which kind of you know sometimes guys like Matt Wolf or more cowardly like snap their finger and it happens and they get it but that it's much more a rarity than what is the norm now. Absolutely my hat off to them. I mean they`ve. They've played incredible right out of college. Which I mean shows a lot about what they can do But it's it's hard to do that and yeah I I took the the learning curve. Route niners fan absolutely. Oh yeah outsider. Yet it was. It was definitely a tough pill to swallow Starting out the year I was really pumped. I thought we might make the playoffs. I was really pumped. I was like we might be in contention again and then eight games in house like we're good and then Yeah I knew going against the chiefs in the super bowl is going to be hard because they're so dangerous is Jimmy G. The truth for you is he the one Jimmy. Jeez my guy can't roll with. Okay I like it. Yeah I mean from a Franchise Tag Joe Montana and Steve. Young I mean. We have very high expectations quarterback no doubt when Jimmy came to the niners. The excitement around the niners went through the roof for him when he didn't have anything. I'm so he is helped the culture shift in San Francisco and for those reasons alone. I'm riding with as a packers fan. The niners warped our ask twice this year so down there better scary. So good football interlude. They're kind of like that. She was stick with just the football. Let's talk about Shanahan. Nice Forty five minutes twenty eleven. Yeah well you played well. You didn't quite keep your car right. You were just a few thousand dollars. Away thousand-year status. I mean how do you? How do you process being so close? You know being on the grind for that whole year and then just missing out on keeping your card It was tough. It was it was a tough experience. So two thousand eleven was my rookie year out here on the PGA tour and That year actually got my head kicked in pretty good. I didn't I didn't come quite that close to keeping my car. I think I've finished around one ninety five on the money list but the next year was my first year on the what is now the Korn ferry tour and so I think that's what you're referencing that year I was inside the top twenty five all year and thought I was going to get my PGA tour card back. I was really excited because now I had this experience with me looking forward to getting back and I came up short in our last tournament. The tour championship one shot short and I was I was devastated Kinda. Wear you stood where you needed to finish. Never know for sure because I think it was the tour championship there. Sixty guys plan. I was somewhere around twenty fifth and so there are a lot of guys behind me that we're playing well and you never know where it's going to shake out so. I knew I needed to get out of it as I could. Yeah I know that like there's little decisions you make on the golf course. Have these really big effects on the rest of your life. Yeah and that's what you train for as a kid to block all that stuff out just kind of stay. Stay PRESENT. Stay in the moment. I think I've put myself in that situation so many times. That much more prepared for. I've I've learned to do it. But it's it's really stressful. And Yeah so tell me about life since then because now you're actually thriving on the PGA tour but what happened between two thousand twelve and now. What was your road back like? Yeah so halfway. Through the two thousand thirteen season Was warming up for the Utah Championship. And I swing with a LOB wedge. I just got this searing pain throughout my whole body. I felt like every nerve in my body was set on fire and I just got stuck. I couldn't move. I had no idea what it was. I hadn't had anything like that happened before so I tried to get some treatment. You know one thing led to another. I had to withdraw from the tournament. The next day couldn't play and Yeah I spent the next six weeks at home laying on the floor Cross of visceral description by every never my body felt like it was on fire. Yeah with something. I've never experienced before. And anyone with back pain probably has a reference to what I'm talking to But it's it's just such a humbling experience because I went from being a professional athlete. Who Does everything with my body to laying on the floor and you know asking you know loved ones if they can bring me some food or like not brushing my teeth for days at a time because I just can't bend over to do it So it's just it's it's a very very humbling experience. GotTa be one of those things that you and I. We can listen to you. Describe it. We can't understand it until happens to you. Like no one can really understand back dame until they have back pain at least that's my understanding of it. Yeah I I'd say that's fair. I certainly had no idea what I was getting into at the time. Either and There's a lot of people deal with it though. That's the scary thing is that like it's the back dictates everything that moves in your body so if that computer has a problem nothing else functions and yeah. I mean it was from there. I got a lot of imaging and a lot of memories taken and we started to realize that I had an annual charity. My four zero five disc and that takes eighteen months to heal on average. So that wasn't fun. News to hear from the doctor goes through your brain when he says eighteen months. Until you gotta be kidding me. Eighteen months what takes eighteen months like. Yeah I'm like Senate guys to the moon and eighteen months like how does that even but It just shows you how delicate and fragile. The human body is and You know from that point I just started trying to figure out any routes I could take to speed up the process. I saw fifteen different spine surgeons and the first fourteen told me. I wasn't a candidate for surgery. All they could do implement rods and my back and that would end my career and then the last guy last guy was like yeah. I mean I can open you up and take a look. Were you looking for that information from? Are you looking for someone that would agree to surgery or I I was? I I knew surgery was not the best long-term solution but I started getting impatient and I was wanting someone to fix my problem And about the guy is the host this week the same exact things multiple surgery so I imagine yeah and as an athlete like we do things with our bodies and we wanna you know be strong and get back out there and get to work and Yeah I didn't. I couldn't do that so I actually was considering the last guy pretty good. And it's where my girlfriend's stepped in and she's like you're not GonNa do this like not having an experiment. Doctors exploratory back surgeries. She's like go. See this guy that I know. He's a physical therapist and so yes she got me. In touch. With my current physical therapist cody Fowler and Yeah from there. We started piecing together. How my body moved and kind of get me back on on track.

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