Bezos buys Warner Estate in Beverly Hills for record $165 million


And in our news Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff the bass those as but one of the most storied estates in all of Los Angeles the Warner state in Beverly hills the Holywood reporter is in putting this word out that days those bought from David Geffen for a hundred and sixty five million dollars and that eclipses the one hundred and fifty million at that Lachlan Murdoch paid for the Bel Air state now this chart wealth that was the largest sale in LA county history of but yeah so now we're at a hundred and sixty five million dollars I it's nine acres I was built and designed in the nineteen thirties for Jack Warner the late former president of Warner brothers and Geffen brought the property in nineteen ninety four forty seven point five which was a record at the time I've but it's well it's got gardens a tennis court pool a golf course a third over thirteen thousand square feet how about that and Basil's

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