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Charlize Theron on the Power of ‘Bombshell’



But we're GONNA start today with Charlie's there. She's The star. Dr Producer of the upcoming movie bombshell Ferron Plays Megan Kelly in the film in her time at Fox News and later with a very brief stint then on the today show on NBC. Kelly came under fire more than once for some controversial comments that another person claiming it's racist to have a white Santa you know and by the way for all you kids watching at home. Santa just is white but this person is just arguing that maybe we should. We should also have a black Santa but you know Santa is what he he isn't just so you know we're just debating. This movie bombshell focuses. Not only on Kelly but also on other women at the network including former Fox. News host Gretchen Carlson. She Sued Fox News head. Roger Ailes for sexual harassment. But she wasn't alone ails harassed. A number of women At the network bombshell was nominated for four SAG awards this week including Best Ensemble cast includes Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie. I talked DOC TO CHARLOTTE. Is there in the morning that the SAG nominations came out. I want to be cool and talk like I'm just so not affected by any of Finney was pretty fascinating and it was really great. It was a great moment. This this film only exist because of the ensemble. How would you describe what this movie is about it? It's a movie about a group of very unlikely women who if you were you know writing a fictional story you would not necessarily cast as your central characters to tell a story of taking down the biggest media mogul And yet they did. Why were they unlikely? Do you think we'll because I think a lot of them You Know Gretchen. And and Megan had made some comments almonds prior to all of this about sexual harassment that I found not necessarily helpful to the cause of a lot of women who are experiencing sexual harassment. I think there there is a conservative conservative view on sexual harassment is. How do you believe women? How do you know what's true? How the emphasis is always on doubting the victim them doubting the woman and I just thought it was interesting that they had had those views before in the past about sexual harassment? Megan Kelly famously. Asli refused to be called a feminist. You know they are somewhat than most unlikely feminists that you will find. No one Megan Kelly had said had some very problematic things about campus assaults and whether or not the men were not believed and that the women were believed to easily. I guess exactly a harsh but fair way to raise her position. You read Charles Randolph script for bomb. Show what was your reaction and what was going on In your professional career when you came across it you know I was We had a lot of things at Denver and Delilah by my production company and Development and we very strangely really. We were In Development on a project with Jay Roach who ended up directing Bombshell and we read it and just really I really loved it. I mean you have to understand. The script was written. Pre Time's up pre Harvey Weinstein. There wasn't any of what is out there right now in our in our culture as far as conversation it's it felt somewhat Story in its own silo But but people. We're definitely kind of whispering about a lot of what was about to come out and so you could feel it. You could feel there was like kind of like under the this bubbling that was happening in the pot was about to boil over. We definitely felt that and so when we read the script we were aware I mean we. Nobody could predict how big all of this would be but we were aware that there was something timely about the script. It's like we're telling women Golan speak up for yourself just know the entire network is with Roger. No one will believe you. They'll call you a liar. Oh and as for your career you want the Simon's airtime go ahead call the paranoid man who decides your salary pervert and do that. On a anonymous hotline. He controls on a phone. has a contractual right to record. Jesus Christ you Think Women Are Idiots. We're talking with Charlene Darren. Who is an actor in and and producer of the new movie bombshell? was there a point where you felt. You found something from with inside you as an actor that connected you on some level to Megan Kelly. That wasn't part of her physical appearance. Yeah I mean listen when we started. I'd never ever thought I would ever say that much in common with Megan can Kelly. We have different point of views on on on a lot of things. So we'll just leave it at that But I through research. We started realizing that she was talking about a lot of Things that I could relate to as a woman in my industry strea- you know we definitely live in a world where men are rewarded and applauded for being ambitious and for being powerful and for having drive and for not taking no as an answer and and sometimes being the the not nice person in the room. Because that's the right thing to do you and it's right for the for the company and it's right for for your business and when women tend to have those qualities They very easily can be turned around and weaponized tonight against you or turn around into a negative and write a man is driven. A woman's a bitch. Yep there you go So that's that's where I think I emotionally tapped in to this part Megan. Kelly was part of something that was just really kind of mind blowing. That happened at Fox but The every day going to work the process the being called a bitch. When you're just trying to be the best at your job? All of those things felt very familiar to me as a woman. I related to those things and I could empathize empathize with a woman. Like that being a position that Sh- she found herself in having to struggle with the idea of coming forward and losing losing all of that and is that to you. The clearest line between what happened to make Kelly what happens to actresses in Hollywood. The difference between Roger Ailes Awesome Harvey Weinstein. Where do you see the most direct link between what's in this movie and what's in show business? Oh it's to me it. It's it's all a direct linked. I mean they I feel like this issue does not you know it doesn't behave or look at different in different places just because of the industry it is a non partisan issue this is this is really a a human right to feel safe in your workplace whether you work at Fox where you work at CNN or you work in Hollywood or you work at a bank in Minnesota or a mine in Minnesota. This is a human right that we should all have. Charlie's thanks so much for show. Thank you so much for having me. Charlie's Teheran Stars in and as a producer on bombshell it opens in theaters on December twentieth. You're listening to the frame weekend. I'm John

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Charlize Theron on the Power of ‘Bombshell’

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