The Best Protein For Children Who Refuse Meat


It is true. What they say protein is important for children? It helps promote the normal growth of the muscles and tissues and you know just functions like breathing walking running these activities. Kids just cannot do without having strong strong and fast bodies that are supported by high quality protein so true and obviously need protein to make all of the necessary hormones and enzymes and putting all has a role in immunity so if your child is refusing meat then the first thing that's important to understand Dan is why is protein important and what is protein so protein is essentially made up of building blocks called Amino acids and you may have heard this word floating around. There's about twenty different amino acids your body can't make some amino acids but nine from that list all going to be essential and essential amino acids out those that you cannot make in the body. He it needs to come from Diet. So the ninety essential amino acids are his student is losing loosing Lycene. Mid Pioneer phenylalanine three owning trip to fan and failing not trip to fan is quite well known because of its link with producing the happy home on Serotonin and I do have a great blog. Post on that which talks all about how to get your kids to sleep. Betters are linked that in the show notes for you you as well so protein can be found in both animal and plant foods but the main difference is that the amine as composition composition does vary hugely. So if you've got a picky eater at her than it is a good idea to focus on the protein foods that can provide these essential essential amino acids. This is especially important for children who refused meat and any other animal products. So it's really down to the fact that animal proteins contain all of these nine essential amino acids wild plant foods. Dodi or very few you do and I'll make sure that I'll let you know which ones are the unique one so that you can start to focus on that. But let's I start to get an idea about protein requirements for children so you know around the age of one Benita fifteen grams of protein. A day wanted three euros. Fourteen and a half forty six year olds. Nineteen point seven to twenty grams a day. Now these aren't just guidelines obviously the actual amounts will vary depending on how much they weigh and the age. But I don't want you to worry about that you know the actual actual amount of protein. That children need usually children over. Eat Protein we all do but with some children who are very selective eaters just very small amounts eat very small amount. Sometimes we do need to have a little thing about the type of protein foods that they are having so apart from the usual eggs milk yogurt and cheese which are based on animal proteins the collection of plant proteins. That so you can put together actually make the best protein foods for children who refuse meat so these following foods are excellent. The protein foods Kids and that's because for children who aren't typically refusing to eat meat and if it's just red meat then it's on that you want onto focus on but if they are refusing all types of animal proteins like the meat chicken fish aches and song on then the trick is to include at least one or two of any of the protein rich foods that I'm about to share with you with every meal uh-huh and snack so the best protein for children will usually be based on things like Sawyer and grains like Amarante and Aquino so to- food eight among beans. They are brilliant because they are unique in that they contain all nine essential amino meena acids. These foods should really become the obvious choices for your little meet hater if you like. And he's a a good tip that you might like do stock up your fridge with forty five sawyer drinks you have been listening regularly to the show on you know that. I've got a COUPLA the podcast episodes on the best plant based milk drinks for your toddler and I usually recommend sawyer as the first choice because at the time of protein eighteen but also the amount of protein in those drinks. They really on the best alternative. If utilized doesn't like soy. Then there are some the options for us to do gone and tune into that episode. If you'd like to know a little bit more about cosmic protein alternatives but the best or the richest sources of high-quality plant based protein foods on anything based on soy said Tofu eat among among beans Keno. About Amran of example I came came across this lovely organic brand of whole rain base rice cakes eggs and that was a mix of rice but orser Enron which is a nice ancient grain and so it also means that. There's some decent fiber in the that particular brand of rice cakes. So what about some of the other plant protein foods for children lentils beans and chickpeas also really really great protein foods for kids now yes they are not going to be complete in that they don't contain or nine essential amino acids but remember. You're not eating single food or single amino acid. You are wanting to eat a wide range of foods because because each food is unique in that it brings something else to the table so lentils are great source of protein. It does you know it's rich in some types of the essential amino acids but not all however it's also a rate source of fiber and rich in plant type. Aww Iron said Nahim again. Another reason to include things like lentils beans and chickpeas which are also good sources of iron so put one hundred grams of provide decent decent amount of protein and they obviously also provide some iron which we know that picky eaters tend to be low ends. It's good you know it's an important mineral to think about if you've got you know quite a severe fussy Facet Ito or someone who has been quite selected for for a long period of

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