MORE Of The Hardest Things You've Ever Done In A Game - burst 15


Super Mario Galaxy for the we didn't have Nintendo consoles growing up. And although I I had played a few installments of the series I had never tried to complete one in its entirety. The specific level that gave me trouble was called the eight bit. Mario Planet in the toy time galaxy basically it was a level where the space traverse was an eight bit pixelated. Image of Mario. But every time you stepped on a pixel it would start disappearing and you would have to leave it almost instantly gently and wouldn't be able to return to it so not only. Did you have to move quickly and do all of the jumps game. Who taught you? You also had to figure out a route that would take you to all the collectibles and then back to the place you started. If memory serves. That was bad enough but to get all the stars in this game you had to Redo all the levels or challenges and the game has Luigi which meant returning to this level level but this time having to collect one hundred coins on a Pixel version of Luigi thus having to figure out a new route I played the game a number of years after it came out so I was already into my forties and my hands were not as nimble as they had once been it took me dozens and dozens of a times over the better part of a few days. I have no idea why dot it honestly but getting that final Luigi star was remarkably satisfying as a result. Gray I would not. I want this game to come out for switch so so bad. Because I've never played Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario game

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