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Donald Trump's biggest lie


Back Zach in north Hollywood California Hayes equity thing is trump's biggest lie I think it's the first lie and the biggest lie that Mitch McConnell William Barr every treason weasel in Congress and Donald Trump told which is the both they took to the constitution that's a good point event earlier caller made that comment about China trump taking that oath on an operation day of the first and biggest lie in it bill in our face yeah and one of the most consequential I mean you know they're they're they're violating their oath of office and they're doing it on a regular basis and the end this I agree and is extremely destructive the United States calling the military police from the United States Army yeah two two hundred and fifty pounders with handcuffs to do what to a restaurant well yeah good luck everybody I don't resting trumps act that that would be a military coup the army should play no role in impeachment and removal from office or anything that that which is after that military tribunal well see he's not subject to military law that's that's one of the things that I really value about our constitution and that the founders were very very emphatic about is that the had the had the head of all the military in the United States the commander in chief of the United States military has to be a civilian cannot be a a military officer and in fact when when you list is grant was running for office there was a debate about whether he should be allowed to be president because he had been a a scene he had been a general as a senior commander hello the very first president George Washington obviously let our troops in the revolutionary war I think that was probably more of a partisan hit on on grant but but the bottom line is I don't want the military doing that if somebody's going to remove if somebody has to physically remove him from office it should probably be the secret service the problem is that the secret service used to be a relatively independent agency was part of the treasury department and in the last day I guess was in two thousand three or two thousand four when when George W. bush created the department of homeland security he moved the so is secret service out of the treasury department and wait which by the way is where they were put after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and move them out of the treasury department and into the department of homeland security so now basically they work for trump there's there's there's not an independent agency within the executive branch that I think could physically remove him from office Congress has no police powers they have no police agencies other than the sergeant at arms who loses most of his authority when he walks out of the building and the Supreme Court has none whatsoever the the security provided by the it to the Supreme Court is appropriated by Congress and and provided by the by in article two

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Donald Trump's biggest lie

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