Eli Manning and the Hall of Fame: The case for and against

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Ally manning thing announced his retirement on Wednesday retiring after sixteen seasons. He's thirty nine years old The giants quarterback who was of course supplanted by Danny dimes. This year but was a rock for for many years is now heads into retirement and it makes sense Meena In fact as a New York I all my friends are giant spans. I was on a tax change just the day before this news broke. And we're talking about that. Allies GonNA retire probably soon. Because when you look at the landscape with all these older quarterbacks on the market and what allies allies been doing the last couple of years. It never made sense that he was going to find a place to start games or perhaps he didn't want to be a backup. So this all made sense but still it. It is the end of an era in New York. I would love nothing more to come in here and defy I. I think what you all know. I'm about to say about Eli Manning I should not be wh- down calls US football cools right. Yeah I would love to say you know what guys you can't tell the story of football without Eli Manning which by the way why why is he the only person who gets that benefit say that about anyone else other than Eli. There's a lot of guys you can't tell the story of football without Aaron Hernandez put them in the hall of fame or if you want to look at pat super we were both. I mean they don't want any of them without dont`a hightower that's a holiday thing. Greg is compared. Eli Manning to know first. Ten Sahal Hyphen reductionist could be just one thing. You consider about a candidate quite well the few want ally in the holly. It's either two cases. One one is longevity. which is I think? A lot of people throw out. Because there's just too many guys who would get in by that and then the other is the two super bowls in the story thing. That's just not about how I would define it. It just becomes an argument. About how do you define the hall of fame. I think in my case against him has always been and yeah. I've been making this case for probably eight or nine years. So this is how long he's been average He's just been averaged entire career. Average in completion percentage yards per attempt. He's actually really way. Below average in the law of the interception categories passer rating these average. He's just for the time he entered the league to the time he left the league. He was an average quarterback over or that span. I I still don't like that being the conversation though when he retired. I we've had this argument so many times that I think we're just tired of it like we've said everything that there is to say about. Eli Manning in the Hall of Famer Eli Manning in general that. I actually was annoyed almost yesterday that that's the conversation when a really great player who was a big part of the league in you know no matter whether he was a top five quarterback no he never was maybe in two two thousand eleven. I went through it once. I think I had him at a top five quarterback one year top ten quarterback only one other your. Yeah that's not the hall of fame but like immediately the second he retires. The entire conversation is like the start of the public hall of fame. Talk which is GONNA be. Never any people are so confident about what's going to happen you don't I know what's going to happen becoming. We were like you know he will be in. It's like you don't know that I think the manning name like this is not a new thought but just that we've talked about royalty and stuff that he's sort of this. NFL Family fixture that. The people voting for this. I think they're gonNa Push Eli Manning right in not maybe. CBS voters down. The conversation depends on who he's against. Though you're really does. Conversation will be never ending for five years then going in. I'm sorry I don't listen you. Everybody discounts counting stats and cory will get too caught up or only point at the two rings and the two superbowl. MVP's but I just think there's something that'd be so if he didn't win those super bowls he's he's not he's not going to have him. I get that but there's something to be said and it's always been feel overlooked both on this podcast aspect in general. Because Eli can be a target. I feel like on twitter that the giants drafted him or the chargers. Technically but the giants Brought him into the team in two thousand four. They put him in the lineup in around October that year and then they never had to think about the quarterback position again for the next ten eleven eleven twelve years and I know things didn't end very well but they should have been thinking about it so when you're when you're talking about right ten years okay I'm GonNa say ten years when you think about other teams about your Brown's Mark My jets so many other teams in the league that go through constant search a churn looking for a guy and you end up with a stop. Stopgap and a rookie. You stinks and then a stop Gat and then another rookie. And maybe you hit on something. Like the SEAHAWKS got Russell Wilson. They don't have to think about anything. Russell Wilson's a better player than the but he eli for ten twelve years. They put him in there. He did his job. He was not spectacular but he was steady. You never had to worry about him getting hurt because he never did. He's the most durable the player ever. You'd never had to worry about him saying stupid something stupid to the media. He always handled that very well. You never had to worry about him. Getting into like a behind the scenes drama with with a coach and exploding and him being at odds and using the media to get a point across and all that stuff he was a Walter Payton Man of the year guy he was a total title. Good Dude and in those playoff runs. Then you factor that in for me. He rose up in historic way. And then just beat. Anybody didn't beat the Jacksonville. We'll jaguars didn't beat a Pittsburgh. steelers heat the Patriots and he'd be Bill Bell Check and he'd beat Tom Brady. And if if that's not something that should be given added points knowing who the Patriots are and what they represent in this era of NFL football. I'm sorry I disagreed to just kind of view that uh-huh yeah beat the Patriots. No he beat the greatest team of all time the greatest quarterback in the greatest head coach. I think that means a lot. His team did right playing. Okay Ah in that Super Bowl. I don't think he would say he had the best game. Even the play he's known for is crazy play. That could never be replicated. The two twenty eleven run is what I remember most fondly. Va Man. I think people kind of forget that won the last game of the regular season that they played it was against the cowboys and then the three league games in the NFC playoffs and that Super Bowl he had a collection of some of the most improbable. Low percentage awesome throws goes for five weeks. Stretch that you'll ever see Joe flacco kind of had a somewhat similar run any add little moments like that the year after they won the Super Bowl two thousand eight. He was really good throughout the year but they didn't win the Super Bowl because if eli manning they want it because of their defense I mean they wanna because of Justin Tuck and he learned of it. It's equally reductive to me to say. They won because of the argue he was part of it took to get into the. I mean the kind of connected back to the HIGHTOWER. No one's out here making a case for hightower you kind of do you. You like to throw this one in. I is the single most important outside of Brady and Gronk like the Patriots. Don't have this run of Super Bulls without dont`a hightower. I think I don't think belongs in the hall of fame but you could every all of the cases were making for. Eli You could just as easily make for like twenty other other random playwright quarterback a case you've made for you. I think is the case. Why he's a great memorable? NFL figure. It's just that's different than in. Our weather also talked about about it forever his position he was not a top ten quarterback. I would say for every year but two of his career. There's no one in the hall of fame you can say they've also said forever. You're in West. You've quoted Vince Lombardi on this that the quarterback it just the most important for a position or a position where the spotlight as and that comes with way. More pressure To it then dot high tower where his position is. I just think what you I was able to do in that spot in those two years is something you can't take away from. I and and say oh he was carried to titles. Because I don't I just don't see it that way. I think you've you stated the case very well. I think it falls shy of the hall of fame. I think if you're a jets fan like Dan or you're the browns fan and you've seen nothing but Ship wrecked chaos at the quarterback position. That the the idea that you would draft someone who would play as Eli did before a PR stunt got him benched you know. Couple of years twelve years of sixteen starts and by the way we are stunned. Got Him benched. He got himself well. That's fine but I'm saying but also the disrespect I just giants fan and you draft draft Philip rivers and he. He did what he did. But you get Eli Manning out of it and you know. He's going to win two super bowls in essentially a total ironman at the position. He's a hall of fame to a lot of giants fans I get. I don't think he belongs to the meeting. Early either reading a story just reading up on allies career. I completely forgot the whole two thousand seventeen. Ben mcadoo where's Ben these days but Jacksonville Jaguars Ben

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