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We are with grace. Costco Grace is a lifetime mover job. She's a physical therapy assistant. But if that's not enough. She's done a variety of other things so one of the questions. I often ask for my other podcasts. Moving to live is what your thirty second elevator Spiel of what you do so you see somebody somebody comes up to you. We're done interviewing. They said well. Who are you what do you do? What do you tell them? That is a difficult question. Let's see I am in the process of reinventing inventing myself. I am a former hairstylist. And became a yoga instructor. Loved learning about the human body. And I'm now in massage therapy school after completing physical therapist assistant school last year so I'm a collector of certifications and licenses and I may use that collector of certifications in the future thinking down the line. You suspect in the future. After doing the massage therapy there will be additional certifications coming along possibly strength and conditioning coach and I think one of the things grace was mentioning before we started recording is her boyfriend is also a collector of certifications. And he's got some of his own and his business and he us also also said he's branched out into the health and wellness field also very much. So he's a geek so nutrition so so pressure is on. If you get to know grace you have to keep up with the certifications vacations. My favorite question. I always went ask people from Philly. Pittsburgh is. Are you a Pittsburgh native if so why are you still here. If not what brought to Pittsburgh I am a Pittsburgh. Native grew up in a suburb about thirty minutes. Outside of the city in North Huntingdon. I don't know why I'm still in Pittsburgh. I would love to leave but I just don't know of anywhere to go that I love more than Pittsburgh and I know this is a podcast about movement. I always want to ask people. Obviously now is a yoga instructor working as a physical therapy assistant. You're going after. I believe you said at some point strong. I which is a kettle bell training certification which ages no joke. Were you active growing up or were you somebody who's like yeah. I don't like being active and kind of as a follow up to that where you active because mom and Dad said get the hell out of the house. Elsa don't come back until dinnertime or because mom and dad were active. If you had brothers and sisters they were active and you kind of got dragged along with them so my family is not an active family. My mom did tell me to get out of the House and not come home until dinner. I actually my fitness journey didn't start until I was about eighteen. I had ED Attended cosmetology school and gained weight. Because I ate from the vending machine on every ten minute break that we had and ballooned up to you two hundred pounds and I said Nope this has got to stop so stop. Drinking pop started eating better started attending a fitness class. Just that was local in our neighborhood neighborhood and eventually made my way to an official. Jim started taking yoga class. I loved the Yoga Teacher. She worked at a yoga. Studio became came a yoga instructor so it was just this little bits here and there that I collected and then Found that I really love weight training as well I'm unnaturally flexible person. But I noticed I was starting having some aches and pains and I thought maybe I need to do the other end of things and started weightlifting. Dabbled a little bit and cross bit But we have our own gym downstairs with pedal bells because you can do so much with one little weight. And that's why I'm pursuing that certification now now and I'm curious people that you knew when you were growing up or maybe when you first went to cosmetology school that you still keep in touch with. Do they think you're crazy. Do they love what you're doing. Do they look look at you and say what the heck you taking years off your life I would hope. They think that I'd love to be an inspiration to my friends and people that I know. I don't don't think they think I'm crazy. They just let me go. Do my own thing I try to impart that to them as well. I haven't really convinced many people although I do have two two friends that wanted to attend taste of fitness that was hosted at the ace hotel in East Liberty. So we got to do that together. And that was Super Fun thinking now in your fitness journeys said not super active growing up figured it out at eighteen because I know a lot of people. Don't they just continue eating away. They did growing up up thinking vending machine. Food is good looking back on it now a few years later. What do you think made the biggest difference or made you say I need to do something about this Honestly probably wasn't until I met my boyfriend that I really had my a come to Jesus moment with food and started figuring out why I was so emotionally emotionally connected to food. That was the big component for me. My mom always had baked goods in the house. Home Baked goods not little debbie snacks and it was a dessert after every meal will I was also part of the Clean Plate Club So as I started living on my own I started cooking from cooking white magazine so I was able to help myself out with that. But yeah until you go down the emotional path and the mental path of Y. You're eating the way you are and making the decisions that you are. I don't think there can really be changed and that was sweat. Did it for me and I think a lot of people don't hit on with that as it's different for everybody. There's not one magic thing I know we had earlier. podcast guest who transitioned transition from running to was in school and gained some weight and then started cycling because his dad and his brother who were both physical therapists said. Hey you need to do something and I asked the question and I said did they talk to you about your health. He said No. No my brother just guilted me into it so I think it's important for some people that is what it is like peer pressure and for other people it's figuring Out What's the emotional attachment. What works for you doesn't necessarily work for me or somebody else? I know for me. My journey with food was when I made the mistake of taking a nutrition class in college is like ooh. Some of this stuff isn't really good for me so I still like to eat the whole blueberry pie but it's probably after doing an eight or nine hour activity where it's like okay. I need calories. I'm curious also with the progression with fitness. One of the things that people often find. They're eighteen nineteen twenty. They get in school. They're out on their own. It's like okay I got school. I've got maybe work and I've got lots and lots of free time as you've probably figured out as you get older as you collect more certifications that I know from chatting with you you have at least one dog and at least one cat things start to pick up. How do you find the time? I'm to make sure that you stay active or their time. Just say I just can't do this because a lot of people say boy I'd love to work out or I'd love to watch what I eat but I just don't have time. It's easier to go out to eat so a lot of times times. Hearing what other people do is beneficial. Yeah that I don't understand why time gets less as you get older and it's Trying to optimize it as has best you can so I try not to burden myself with the need to exercise. I fit it in. Where can Dan so Mondays are completely obliterated? I don't even think about it Tuesdays are my day off so I fit it in where I can there Instead that of sitting on the couch I'll sit on the floor and I'll do either some stretches or some muscle activation stuff Taking my dog for a walk Crawling around on the floor is a great movements So if I don't really have a ton of time I just have made me fifteen minutes before work. I'll just head down into the basement and just do some mhm animal movement kind of stuff for cycle for ten minutes just to get the blood flowing Parking far away from the grocery store taking the stairs. You know the the normal things that you here as well and just kind of realizing that you don't have to block an hour out to go to the gym to fit movement into your life. We're talking with Grace Costco. I think from what she's just described over. The last few minutes she really is treating movement is a lifestyle from hearing. You mentioned crawling around on the floor doing animal animal movements. I have a suspicion at some point your future the move nat certification is going to become one of the things you do. I know for moving to live. We interviewed Jenny plus lost from New Mexico as a physical therapist who's actually moved using move nat in the clinic. She works with she was actually introduced to it by another physical therapist. And you hit on another thing that I don't think a lot of people take into account as far as making movement part of their lifestyle. You said we've got a gym in our basement and a couple of kettlebells or t-rex machine she into something like that then you don't blow the fifteen twenty thirty minutes going to the gym the ten minutes to park the five minutes of BS ING with the Front Desk Staff. Not In a bad headway. You've got twenty minutes if you've got twenty minutes or you've got ten minutes or five minutes you've always got it there and it's like I've got kettlebells upstairs I've got kettlebells downstairs pedal uh-huh kettlebells in my on my patio in the backyard. And it's it's really. I think you've hit on something enough. People don't do get some stuff for home because that's beneficial official. We have a basket in our living room. That's filled with kind of recovery stuff so balls. Resistance bands are everywhere. My boyfriend has a hand weights in his office. And we are Jim downstairs and in the summertime of course the deck is filled with staff when we have actually have a climbing rope from the bottom of the deck up to the top. I got stuck on it. Maybe next time you could build a climbing wall on the deck also. That's one of the things that I would like to do. That's definitely on our on our list. Climbing is One of our new hobbies that we started last year and definitely love

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