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Welcome today to twelve twelve of confidence. You've got wild as twelve speakers swab opportunities to create more confidence so that you can start twenty twenty off with the Boulder Braver version of yourself herself in today's special guests him Kunarac logo to the twelve days. He thinks you're having me. This is such a cool idea. And I'm and so on it to be here and I'm super honored that year joining us because Kim's Bali right now right yes and she just told me it's like two. Am there air. When she had told me that it was gonna be a lonely like okay? Maybe like ten or eleven. I have no idea the time difference and so on. I just asked her I. I was like oh I committed. I wanted to be here for this. I was so excited. I love that island that so much. We're just GONNA rock and roll and we're gonNA chat all things manifestation. Which is your specialty zone of genius? A Hor- we dive into that. Will you just tell everybody a little bit like who you are what you do here. Yeah sure so as you said I'm Kim Kim Roxetta and I'm a manifestation coach and also the founder of mind your vibe. That's my business brand. I'm also the host of the minor via podcast. which Jordan was a guest on episode two and Jordan have to tell you still to this day probably once a week? I have one message me and tell me something that they loved about your it was episode. Two Guys WanNa go and listen to it. But you know Jordan droughts all the good to have some out. How many more confident So anyway so what I do is manifestation coach is. I help people to easily manifest a life that they love so. I'm sure we'll get more into today about about how to be a more constant manifester. Yeah Yeah On so excited because I think it's I don't WanNa see a common knowledge but it's definitely definitely more common. I think nowadays people to talk about manifesting kind of know what it is but I still think. There's so many levels of resistance. Since when it comes to manifesting I mean I still struggle with it and so I want. I just want to dive into that. Maybe simplify the process for everybody. So that it doesn't seem like it's I don't know this like big half little thing and and I really would love for you to actually share some of the things that you manifested. Because I don't know from my perspective you're kind of living the dream life to nearing late. Her and her husband are living in Bali. Ali and I mean guy. Look at the stuff on your instagram on like battle of midway they. It's just that you you know. You've got this manifestations down so what are the big things or at least the things this year that you feel like even intentionally manifested definitely. I think we talked about some of these. Um and when I was on your podcast during but some of the big ones that stick out from this year our first one was flying business class for the first time didn't pay for it. That was a big wine. Fine and that kind of happened just sort of randomly when we actually realized We had the inspired idea to actually check our our credit card points and check our airline points and we realized that we actually had enough so it was like a really good example of how that abundance already existed but we just had to to be aware of it in order to line up with it right And then obviously are kind of big transition to become location dependent. That was something that I had desired. And there's also some like really freaky details of to that. I don't think I've told you Jordan. Where one day? I was in booed which is an hour from where I stay here in Bali and I took a picture of myself like working near pool right and someone isn't who follows me on. Instagram pointed out to me. That the photo that I took looked exactly like one of the photos. I was on my vision board because there was like how to explain the Fountain of the pool was like like an animal. That was like was like the from his mouth or was out of his mouth. Yeah but it was like exactly like that same detail as the photo on my misery. The yeah or even another thing was the I- i- manifested going now. Yogurt retreat here in Bali which was also in my vision board and then the photo that I had it was like these women that were posing in front of like mosques wall like this Green Wall and the and then when I showed up for the Yogurt I agree tree. The Wall outside of our villa was just like that Green Moss guy so crazy. Oh Oh yeah so some. Those are some of the big ones from this year. But I mean I think something else I want people to realize is. It's not just the big things but it's the small things to something. I definitely want to talk more about but I mean I- Manfred things every day but it's it's that I'm recognizing them and appreciating them for what they are so for example today we went out for dinner and we got ten percent offer meal and to meet ten percent saving money. That's like manifesting manifesto money. That's Nice I celebrate that just as much as some of the bigger things are even kind of like a weird random. One recently is in Bali. They burn these incense sticks. It's kind of part of the religion here and there's a particular set of wind they really like and I always wondered like I wonder how it can find out what that sent is called so I can buy it or remember that for the feature and then one day I went to a restaurant and they were burning that sent. I recognized it and I asked one of the waiters. They're like Oh you know what that sense called. And they're like oh it has no name like we just fight from suppliers has no name. I'm like Oh shoot like how am I ever going to know what this is. And then she it goes into the back and then she comes out with gigantic incense stick and she's like here. You can have it for free. It's like yes you know so. It's just like something so small like that but like I see that as a manifestation and I appreciate that just as much as anything else absolutely. Yeah and I think we should dive into the the big in the small and talking about the small while we'll dive into it because I feel like I'm allowed to say about that as well but you can. We go ultra simple. And what what is your definition of manifesting. What is it because I do think that is also not super cleared everybody? Yeah so my definition of manifesting is when something that was once part of your imagination or we could say non-physical comes into your reality or your life or a physical so anything anything that you once desired in your head. That would be nice to have that in then it shows up that's a manifestation so if you desire abundance a gift card comes into your life that's that's manifestation if you desire more time and then your work meeting gets canceled. Basil manifestations anything that you imagined or thought about and and then it happens in your life and your reality Memphis station. Gotcha that used to happen for me all the time when I would be like so burnt out at the end of the day and then like I don't know a podcast interview Lead I'd be like Oh thank God you know that would happen. Burr me constantly. Okay I love that is basically. Your thoughts eventually becomes a reality so manifesting half is happening at all times. Whether we're intentional about it or not. Yes yes exactly. And that's another huge thing to know and understand. Is that twenty four seven everyday through sixty five days a year is always happening whether we realize it or not. There's no like on off switch or sometimes people say to me like I wanNA start manifesting but that's not really accurate because you've been manifesting literally early. Since the day you were born it would be more accurate to say. I want to start intentionally manifesting what I want which is choosing the things that you want to attract act in come into fruition as opposed to it just all of a sudden happening for you because everyone's the manifest or like you said we're all doing it all day long. We don't necessarily necessarily know that we're doing it. And we can kind of like funnel that intention into creating things that we want bass the fun part. That's the exciting part. And that's so we WANNA chat with you guys about today because when you can choose to create something in your life and then you start to see that show like like that is such a big confidence boost right. Yes I I. We all of this stuff into my coaching coaching. Because there's nothing makes you feel more empowered than going from like I thought of that and I intentionally attracted that and now experiencing that like. I'm unstoppable and that feels so empowering in the more that you do it the more you see that like proof of happing for you. You can't not feel confident.

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