‘Bad Boys For Life’ Big With $6M+ Thursday Night



Then I see bad boys for life will Smith was in that other movie that that it I you correct me if I'm wrong I did the at it I don't think that when did very well but bad boy life is probably destined to to do better known to thank yeah yeah and this is actually not bad I this surprised me remember it is good twenty five years since the original bad boys came out that actually you know major director Michael bay this is his first big hit showed that he could make a big budget action movie on a low budget it really kind of turned Martin Lawrence and Will Smith into big movie stars and it's all about you is your basic buddy picture with them is these bickering cops one of the wild bachelors run around the other one's a married guy well we got the same dynamic going on here and the same kind of story it's in your basic sore about Mexican drug lords and and all that which we've seen a dozen times recently but the the chemistry between business in March is still there they have done the story right and that they're not pretending like they're still the the young guys they were before your grandparents after hours okay they've got all that kind of stuff going on we again which that's sort of the template now for for these long in in jest ation sequels that would be pretty sure hours that's what I might actually go see them I thank you and your dad would like this one okay my gmail our movie guy always appreciate the insight help us a kind of cold through what's good and what's bad you can check out Mike's reviews online at Mike dash may dot com

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