Coronavirus spreads to 12 possible cases in U.S.


Has begun testing residents for the potentially deadly deadly coronavirus KCBS reporter Tim Ryan tells us live that just one case has been confirmed in the US and that was of a Washington state man Tim holy Alameda county health officer Dr Erica pantiles KPIX by this is all precautionary currently we have less than ten patients who are what we call patients under investigation so that means we have already started to receive calls from clinicians about people who might have feeder and our restorations and those patients asked about possible ties to Wuhan China or now under home isolation is doctors away test results from the CDC in Atlanta the flu bug we're told has been ruled out the most important message unacceptable now is that there have been no confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus and in Alameda county or nor that I'm aware of in the bay area precautions being taken at the port of Oakland as well as those medical screenings you've been hearing about it SFO the scary is real however as we hear from the chronicle that the Fremont fire department on Thursday issued an alert to dispel social media rumors of a spreading disease worldwide hundreds or sick several dozen or dead reporting live Tim Ryan quesadilla thanks Tim commuters breathing a little easier in Monterey county the highway patrol says it has arrested a man believed to be behind those attacks on cars along highway one of one of the print Dale area KCBS is mad bigger lied to explain how authorities are managed to break the cases stand after the most recent projectile attack earlier this month the C. H. P. was able to track a GMC pickup belonging to Charles Lafferty and authorities believe the fifty two year old prune Dale man is the person who's been smashing car windows on highway one a one in Monterey county his weapon I I have confidence we believe Mister laughter use a sling shot as well as glass marbles to commit these crimes CHP central coast chief LD maple says Lafferty would fire the sling shot at oncoming traffic while he was driving over eleven months five people were injured in the attacks including a child Monterey county supervisor John Phillips we feel really fortunate that there wasn't a greater injury and we were able to make the arrest and see this arrest made before there was much more serious injury that was just a matter of time now prosecutors have evidence to charge Lafferty with ten of the sixty nine attacks for which there is no motive reporting live Matt Bigler KCBS thanks Matt dozens of past and current Treasure Island residents are suing the city of San Francisco and the U. S. navy the suit claims authorities lied for years to residents about the extent of radioactive and toxic contamination on the island it's six two billion dollars in damages and to stop all building on TI until it is independently verified to be safe

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