Boxing news: Andy Ruiz Jr reportedly considering Teddy Atlas as new trainer, famously strict coach who worked


News broken last twenty four hours about who has parted ways with trainer manny robots before we get to anything else let's let's just talk about that for a second many robe liz takes eddie ruis to one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight boxing history just like seven or eight months months ago and now he eats his way out of contention to win the rematch way overweight doesn't pay attention to many robots and now many rogue as is is out i mean what do you make of any releases decision there well it's always the trainer's fault right i mean it's never the fighters fault that's the way boxing history as for the most part but manny rojas is a very good trainer he was very honest both before and after the fight and said hey look we warned him as we move closer to the fight get it together your weight is too high you know let's really start training take this more seriously let's go let's go let's go and and released did what he did and came in fifteen fifteen pounds heavier than he did for the first fight and we all know what happened thereafter so i it's i'm not surprised because it's the trainer is almost always the fall guy for for fighter losing i haven't heard specifically what andy where we said about parting ways with his trainer i don't know if he was unhappy about the criticism that manny robe liz offered after the fight but he was being honest and and and and we welcome that as as reporters i of course chris right we wanna hear guys tell us the truth not sugar coat everything and i i think manny was honest about it and but i think he'd light you know he likes andy and and and and clearly did a great job with him a pulled off one of the biggest upsets sets in boxing history and last june so it'd be interesting to see which direction he goes in for his next trainer but i mean this is on him

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