Hangover cures: Most effective home remedies


Lauren. Welcome to milk street. Thanks so much for having me. So what is a hangover physiologically. In other words you drink too much alcohol in what goes on in your body. Sure what's interesting about a hangover versus. It's not just a single thing. It's almost like this constellation of different symptoms affecting your body at the same time so alcohol Causes Gastritis which is an inflammation of the stomach lining. So that's the reason you feel the stomach achey feeling just like nausea dehydration. Also a big part of what a hangover is is but that achey tired feeling that actually comes from not sleeping. Well you tend to have really poor sleep when you're hung over and because you haven't had had that sort of restful period that's part of the reason that you wake up just kind of feeling like crap before we get to the hangover cures the day after is is there anything people can do on the night of other than drinking more water. Actually if you sleep in complete and total darkness like blackout shades. I mask that's proved to lessen your hangovers recovery. Time one thing that I found really interesting in my research. Is that if you have a happy optimistic attitude while you're drinking that's actually shown shown to have less severe hangovers whereas if you have a negative outlook maybe a lot of anxiety in your life. Your hangovers actually scientifically been proven to be a little bit worse. All other things in this study remained the same. The amount of alcohol the type of alcohol it was just. Your mental state of mind affects the severity thirty of the hangover that that was an academic study that was published Other the type of drink that you choose does actually have some effect on what kind of hangover. You have darker drinks so something like Bourbon brandy red wine. Those actually have higher levels of conyers which contribute to serve a more severe a hangover. So okay so your book is about cures. So let's go down through the list pickled foods show up a lot in your lister. Stern pickled foods are a good thing. I think so So pickled foods obviously are high insults which can help replenish electrolytes and get some of those depleted salts. Back near body the pickle. Brine is a popular cure in eastern Europe in Poland and Russia in particular in the book. I have a pickle. Brian Bloody Mary which is to serve a fun. Twist based on your classic hair of the dog cocktail. But you'll also see there some eastern European soups that have pickled. Brian in it in the Roy egg was shows up in lots of Coors yes said the classic is the riot. Put a little bit of Tobasco and you put a little bit of vinegar and you take it in one shot. That's kind of quintessential the old time hangover cure. Eggs actually are great hangover food. They're full of amino acids are full of protein. So definitely said that one probably is one that I would recommend for sure Cher. Other cures are jumping some very cold ice water like the polar bear swim. I would think that actually evolve a cures. I think that one would would shock you right out of a hangover. I would think so I have never done. Polar Bear Swim. So I'm a little bit too much of a Wimp to try it but I think that one would actually be quite beneficial and if nothing else. You're probably so cold that you're thinking of other things that are feeling not so great at that moment is like hitting in your hand with a hammer. You know you're not going to hang over so let's go around the world and talk about recipes New Zealand. They have their Minson cheese. Pies is right. Yep some cheese pie. So that's essentially a ground beef pie with cheddar cheese. Net can find them all over. You know you can get a gas station and you can get them at. The local cafe. Usually their portable the one. I didn't the bucks a little bit larger so you can actually make that for maybe. Dinner and South Korea has particular UH consistent hangover soup. It's fairly strong right then. That's yes south. Korea is actually one of the main sources of inspiration and for this book. I've been reading an article about South Korean drinking culture because Korea. You tend to go out with your office made you drink serve all night long and in the morning you eat. Hey Jenga which essentially translates to hangover soup and. There's not just one hangar soup. There's an entire serve category of hangar soups so the one in the book is from John. Ju It's being sprouts Scott Rice and it's a traditional Korean anchovy based broth but it's much lighter than maybe a Hey Jenga that you would get in Seoul which might be made with more like collaborated beef blood it may have served beef. That's been simmered for hours Along with maybe like a richer soybean broth I just find it so fascinating that there were so many different kinds of dishes that you were specifically would eat when you're hung over and you'd go to the hangover soup restaurant Ed ten joy them. You say you end up with hangovers. Occasionally do you personally have a favorite cure. I have a couple of favorites if maybe it's like a really bad hangover and I just need something Super Plain. I like a good Kanji. Chinese rice porridge. Usually I'll put Ginger which is usually good for helping nausea settling the stomach and put a little scalia in there as well so that's nice just simple. I can't really face food at that moment hangover Rick Your and then one of my other hangover cures that I really love is just a breakfast sandwich that I created one day when I was hungover. It's fried eggs peppered Bacon Salon. Salon tro sweet Thai Chili Sauce and Sauteed shrimp. And it's one of those dishes that I just was cobbling together. Something in my hung over state and I think that's sort of an interesting interesting thing about hangover foods. You know we do. Have these foods that fall within the Canon of traditional hangover foods. But so much what we when we're hung over. Is that personal moment in the kitchen when we're alone. We don't want anyone to see us so I made that sandwich and it was really delicious. More thank you very much. It's been a great pleasure. Is your having you on milk street. Thank you so much for having me

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