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Don Imus, controversial radio legend, has died at 79


Don Imus from the people who knew him broadcasters remembering the legendary in controversial host including the fans John mako the impact of don Imus on WFAN you can make an argument that he is the reason the station and anyone ever can naked with that exists the radio legend passed away Friday at the age of seventy nine in college station Texas I'm is going to station back in nineteen eighty eight of the time in which WFAN was failing in most areas I'm is provided ratings revenue what chance for the rest of the station to develop which it did EE what they and program director mark journal I miss put this station truly on the map and he was the springboard for the success that came after his he introduced both Mike and Chris on his radio show and fire them pretty regularly myself as well five times don Imus dead at the age of

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Don Imus, controversial radio legend, has died at 79

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