Upgrade 278: The 2019 Upgradies - burst 14



Favorite non apart do it. It is the Samsung Samsung Galaxy. Fault now I have more to say about the galaxy. Fold later on in this episode. Today I have very worst. Worst Chris. Gadget is coming up and tech. Screw up coming up. So there's lots of good categories for the galaxy. Fold you quite your mouth. The Samsung Galaxy fault is a fantastic technology product. It for me feels like the future whether people want or not. It is such a fascinating thing to us. I I love it. It's people won't believe me when I say. This is an incredibly well-made thing. It feels significant it is is beautifully put together. I love my galaxy fault and I think that it is a super exciting product. But I'm not gonNA bother explaining anymore to people that don't want to listen so I think we're going to

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