Google Maps gets a new icon and more tabs to celebrate 15th anniversary


So I up in the news Some news news from Google which dovetails into our news right because we share same birth year as Google maps so google maps as Google maps. Right so so fifteen years anniversary is coming up for Google maps so other freshening it up and I think they've already started rolling out Some of them the features this week so on the Fifteenth Anniversary Yes via the IRS. Because I've got the new icon which totally threw there. You go up yet because I I rarely Unless the Carson where you use the Google maps on my phone with someone pulls up and it a class or something so anyway. I haven't looked at it yet on my phone own my android phone but anyway It's kind of again just reminder. Oh my goodness so. The year Google maps started and very special. PODCAST started right kids born that year now just about old enough to date. Oh my God. Where does the time go about old enough to date? Yeah very all right. Sorry for come from Small Little House on the Prairie Times officially right officially Atlanta. We can debate that back and forth. What that ages but fifteen eighteen year still in many states? They can get their learner's permit. How about that can get your Lurs fit to drive permit to drive? It's kind of Yelp like in my mind that does that did you look at it frank. What the yeah I mean? It's it's walk eight so I was up in the bridgeport PA area yesterday. And I was driving on an area area that I know so I was in my car and went to turn on Google maps and I had saw the news that it was updated but it might pay attention when it was doing that and I have all my apps that took this auto update because I got tired of doing it every twenty minutes of an update so map so it updated and I am sitting in traffic trying to figure out how to start Google maps and I couldn't didn't 'cause I'm like where's the Congo that's all I've got it and then switched the icon on me and that's thirty off and then ended up to pull over because I couldn't get serious. It tight talk the address properly. I had to type it in and it's it's different. It's you're right it's very yelp like and I had used a Yo to get to the first place always had gone to so I was really thrown off because I was like wait a minute. I'm not using yelp just trying to get back to the highway and I it. There are a a lot of overlaps in this style. Chosen and it's understandable. I think because there's so much that they put in there in terms of restaurants and gas stations things that are in Yelp nope yes and that's all right is to guide you to this these things but I haven't tried it out yet but the the video factory were just looking at one of the live you to the augmented reality. Pretty thingy looks pretty cool so these are things that are coming in the near future to all the again to this refresh for the fifteenth year. I'm really looking forward to that. One it it takes me back to the the early days of of attempts at a are on the mobile phones but I still remember the fun one from was at Nokia City Lens. Nobody remember that for me but I was like I really liked that one. But anyhow Lots of lots of stuff coming from Google for Google maps. Some stuff already out so watch for that this year On your mobile devices as you're navigating

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