Biggest losers from 2020 NBA trade deadline

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Go through the losers of the trade deadline but not really get into the transactions. And who did poorly knows going to go a little bigger picture check car trade deadline's grades. PODCAST trade deadline grades podcast for all the losers etc okay. Bigger picture second runner up from the trade deadline. Losers people people living in the eastern time zone why well the warriors they always planned that late game this season on the west coast but this year here. No one has had to watch him. We get to go to sleep. It's great now. They make the move for Wiggins plus curry and Thompson coming back and US on the east coast after. Stay up and watch them next season. I know you international folks are saying way manage a crap about you gotta be up till eleven twelve one. We gotta be up at five in the morning okay. You're right but this is my the situation. This is my life. It's GONNA stick next year. I haven't a watch getting wigan with every single night if he's in that time slot and I imagine they're going to get national. TV after national TV game right with curry and Klay back. That's going to be weird actually to see wiggins in sort of national TV Games. Because you don't see it a lot with the wolves over his that I hadn't really thought about that and people still hate him. I don't know if that's going to be good or bad for it will be a spewing. I'm sure next season as I think it was. Michael said Scrub those wiggins takes scrub them out of your tweets. Because maybe it'll turn it around. We'll see first runner up very tall boys and young men because the center position in the NBA. Just doesn't in pay like it used to. I won't say it's extinct because saw tall players will still be desired in the NBA. So tall boys can still make it there. But only the cream of the crop are going to get paid like high paid wings or guards for the foreseeable future. Like Yokich or a or Anthony Davis for towns the rest. They'll have jobs it just. It is desirable as it was a few years ago. So young tall. He's can go back to modeling or being cameraman and scrums important position. But do you WanNa play in the NBA anymore. Just not as great as desirable desirable. I would say if the tall buys don't want to play basketball. I suggest stick to tiddlywinks and playstation. But I'm going to give the worst of the week to the Pistons Ha. I wasn't GonNa get transactional but they couldn't get a first round pick for Andre Drummond one second round pick in two you guys who can't even play significant minutes for the cavs as what they got back we got into it on the spot but if the market was that dry why deal. I'm now dealer months ago when he was absolutely balling there's literally conversations about him being the best center in the NBA. Along with those guys. I mentioned Yokich Coca Chamba. I know it sounds crazy. But he was when he was doing. Twenty Twenty S. He was in that conversation anyways he was at the table he wasn't we wasn't one of the big but why not Dealing with it or wait till June. They got nothing. They literally got nothing. I don't see why you rush it when you when you look at it now in hindsight insight because you because you didn't want two more months of bad chemistry in the locker room well it's already bad. I mean bad culture why not have two more months and potentially get a first round pick. That's all we're asking for. I think that's nuts. It's really that's when you look at it. It is well. We couldn't believe it the bag. The beans came back for Andre Drummond. It's shocking yeah you would think a guy that is a two time all star again. That is an elite rebounder who is seventeen and and what type of guy who's pretty consistent. He plays a lot You can't even get a first round pick in today's NBA. That's tough. Yeah but they picked their direction they did the piss definitely picked a direction and said we are we are rebuilding. There is no. We don't even want to be worried about whether or not he picks up that adoption and then under contract for one more year which. I don't think he's going to do anyway still but they didn't want that concerns but then train them in June or somebody else is also going to give via a bag of beans summer. means it is crazy because we've been watching basketball for a long time and when you say those numbers like he's literally averaging eighteen sixty got it is good but anyway some big old numbers and I mean. There's a reason Andre Drummond was the first name really on the trade block. It was him and Kevin Love and know what he's given up a first round. Pick gauge it right. Like they're just like they're like. Hey Man Andre Drummond people might want it for a first round. Pick in everybody in the league was like actually no So there's got to be a tough one for him so now they're playing together. Those guys you mentioned you're on the trade boil hall my goodness yeah. Yeah what literally. What is their lineup? GonNa be. They gotta buy out Tristan Thompson. Or what they're gonNA play. Kevin love at the three clients. Don't get bought out apparent. They never give up money. That's for sure they are the opposite of the rockets. Now we've got the giant cavs at least the giant cavs. That's right I I like it because we always got those seven o'clock starts. The cavs are generally involved in one of those games. The Piston used to be and still be. But you know what I mean. They'll be watching and I'll be tuning in for the first six minutes of those Casper's there's man who loves a rebound highlight every cavs game. I can't wait I he'll be going crazy all by yourself. Isn't it it all these islands would be like. What the in the cavs game? You're like. Yeah there was like sixteen rebounds in the first quarter. You know who'll be watching John Shoe Schumer. I respect that all right so those are the worst of the

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