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We've been sending out this podcast recommendation newsletter for three years now throughout that time we've sent out one hundred fifty six emails one every Sunday Day and we recommended more than seven hundred. Eighty individual podcast episodes. Here are the episodes from within the newsletter that were the most popular among our subscribers measuring this by the links that were clicked. Most here are the podcasts and episodes chosen by me. Monday's episode comes from the Knowledge Project. Worked with Shane Parrish and is called Navarro. Ravi Kant the angel philosopher. It's one hundred twenty minutes long. This episode initially came from our how to improve ourselves list list curated by Jonathan Santiago in this episode Navarro Ravi Kant is the CEO and Co founder of Angel Est.. He's invested in more than one hundred companies including Uber Twitter. Yarmur and many others Tuesday's episode comes from you're wrong about and it's called. Yoko Ono broke up the Beatles. It's forty seven minutes long. This episode initially came from our explore the human psyche theme curated by Kevin Allison in this episode. Mike Tell Sarah about how the myth of meddling wives serves to exonerate. Terrible husbands digression include fifty shades of Grey Marie Antoinette and the end of the nineteen sixties this episode. We're sorry to say contains descriptions of domestic abuse. Wednesday's episode comes from the quote of the day show and is called Brian Doyle. People don't know we appreciate. She ate them unless we show it. It's ten minutes long. This episode initially came from our cultivate and attitude of gratitude. Week curated by Stephen Miller in this episode owed Brian. Doyle makes his debut for Thanksgiving episode. Brian reminds us that we don't need a special day to express our gratitude for the people and things we're thankful for and how important it it is to let the people around us know that we appreciate them Thursday's episode comes from just the beginning and it's called science fiction gets real. It's thirty two minutes. It's long this episode initially came from our object as subject newsletter. curated by Lindsey kilbride in this episode meet creators making work that explores the gap gap between science fiction and reality. Friday's episode comes from love me and is called falling. It's seventeen minutes long. This episode so initially appeared in our happy crying newsletter. curated by Taylor Zabloski in this episode after a whirlwind romance. Brian and Vanessa get married and moved to Kinshasa asa everything is going. Well until she shows up. It's a love triangle between the most unlikely trio plus a mother wrestles with feelings of resentment towards her newborn baby. Maybe those are the podcast recommendations chosen by me for this week's theme. Your favorite ear buds

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