The U.K. finally leaves the EU — nearly 4 years after Brexit vote


Brexit day is finally here it's happening at eleven PM European time that'll happen this this afternoon here in America and we wanted to check in on a day I wasn't sure was ever going to come with Daniel Hannan welcome Daniel thank you glad it's a real pleasure as always to be with you and I'm delighted to say it's actually happening at eleven PM UK time your time is something different I I just to make clear to your listeners I'm not a European I'm Rick so you're here and the markets have been collapsed and the seas aren't on fire and there's gonna be food in people's mouths and grocery stores will be open tomorrow I'm looking out my window I don't see any dinosaurs or an asteroid strikes there isn't World War three in fact not only about planned but the UK economy has outperformed the eurozone for the last couple of years we have more people in work than ever before in our history the stock exchange has surged exports are up on manufacturing is up we've attracted more inward investment than any country in the world except China so I think we can reasonably look forward with some optimism and confidence to what the future holds so what did you what does this mean you first well let me let me just say this Hey congratulations B. thank you I appreciate that you guys are you did what we did and seventeen seventy six except we had to have a war over it because you guys are so stupid and stubborn but but when I'm watching what I watch Nigel for AJ is a speech Hey that will I mean I can believe what they did to him in the end they made his point but I thought this is a shot heard around the world just like our declaration of independence was a date eat each you did a very American thing and you did it right you you would you did it without arms and riots I mean that's a remarkable thing you guys have just pulled off well I I could turn that around and and channel Edmund Burke who is of course an empty at the time of the revolution and save you guys did a very precious thing in seventeen seventy six which was to to take to its logical conclusion the arguments in favor of personal freedom and democracy but I tell you this no country that I can think calls ever got poorer as a result of becoming more self governing and I I do think we are feeling something of the mood of optimism that swept over there at that then colonies in in seventeen seventy six I was looking at at John Adams is less is and he I he was only the gloomy est of the found it you know about the fallen nature of man but when that on the day of the declaration of independence even he got caught up with the mood and he wrote to his wife Abigail through all the glue them I can see the rays of ravishing light and glory I can see that the end is worth more than all the means and the prosperity will triumph and you know the bridge or if any reserve people we wouldn't put in such poor returns but that is the mood heather of parties going on all around you know just just I'm I'm speaking to you from London the crowd a little bit down the road outside parliament it is a happy good natured people waving the flag and as I walked past a minute ago they were singing sweet Caroline so it is one of the it's called the great meal but you'll you'll back in charge of Arafat so what do you think's going to happen with the European Union because as I I watch that and are you connected to what he was saying about an out of control government that that's not what we signed up for it's corrupt you are your ignoring us you go your own way you be little us and you belittle the people yeah and I thought if I can relate to it surely the people in France or Germany or you know or Norway or Sweden they're looking at that going Hey you know what what are we doing yeah and that's the thing that I really scared off how old is the E. U. responds to break a person's going to be fine but what's going to happen in the eurozone icy again I don't know but I I don't kill this massive federal justice Powell by over doing it but since you started it there's a fairly because actually started it just by you thought it what is it that the bridge immediately after Yorktown we're in the same kind of mood the Brussels is in now they will hurt and angry but it didn't take long for the British government to realize that its own interests depended on having a good quality old relationship with the new country and so that the new administration under Sheldon in in seventeen eighty two that we're gonna open all of our ports in the in person in the carribean to all American vessels we're gonna renounce all our claims on all the transmetalation terror trees you know Adams in NJ infringing couldn't believe the general city but from the British point of view it was the correct thing to do because we understood that free trade is good for everybody that it that that we wanted to have rich neighbors because rich neighbors make good customers and that's how it worked out now please remember the you did come back in in eighteen twelve to you know start a war and and burn our White House only the most ridiculous wall at the right the reason but it won't be guy and was over before the first it is the only significant engagement took place after the peace terms have been fined for news right but it's a bit too but I mean that that that that the interesting thing is if he could respond to the brexit vote by saying okay I wonder why we got that wrong maybe we we become a bit too remote baby we need to reconnect maybe the Italians all that dot jewel the poles of the Danes will feel similarly let's try and anticipate let's trying devolve a little bit of but you know so far they've done exactly the opposite they said all great now that the Brits are the way we can have a European army and we can have a European tax system and we have more and more power to the center and I think if they insist on taking back line then the E. you will fall apart sooner rather than later so Daniel I've never understood the parliamentary system never understood I mean you guys seem to be going through prime ministers like water it we have a different system with our impeachment but that's really what we're talking about now is whether you can impeach someone that didn't do anything illegal may do stuff that you didn't like but but really if impeachment is more of a vote of no confidence which our founders never intended what what do we look like to you a as a historian can you give us some perspective where you're not connected to it and and and be just as a as a brit well I mean I'm not gonna say something that is is probably guarantee to offend every single person listening to you whether they're Democrat or Republican whether they support or oppose the impeachment which is a I don't think that Donald Trump colluded with Russia and I don't think that he behaved in an impeachable way over the Ukraine business but I think that what we know of his behavior is so on presidential and and so indicative of bad character and bad judgment that should count against him politically and I I reckon that statement is offended absolutely everybody be calls one of the things that is very striking about the U. S. discourse of the moment is that everyone has to be a hundred percent one way or the other yes everyone has to be you know and to say anything in between to say for example is great the Donald Trump is cutting taxes although it's a pity he lied about releasing his own tax return or to say it's fantastic that he's deregulating radio but you but you know what a pity that he thinks his okay to mock the family of a deceased American servicemen the you never hear anybody saying those things because it's become so tribal I'm so polarized I'm not gonna say that does worry me you know the the the extent to which people in the U. S. now see the other side as enemies rather than as fellow citizens with a different opinion and and a great democracy can only take so much of that so as a historian you've watched us for a long long time Hey you know our history the I think it was Churchill said one of the great your greatest things about Americans is after they've tried everything else they finally to awry do we do we how do we get out of this one Daniel yeah I mean that America is still the greatest Republic on a this is a fantastic fantastic country and saying that because it's true but the main street yeah I mean you liberated millions of people from tyranny you put the flag of your country on the moon you you created the most open and free system of government on a and those things have deep roots but I would say you know they they depend on people valuing the rule of law and the process and the rules and business the thing that I find alarming about the US now is how in different people did you process when they happen to favor a particular outcome I mean yeah it's a trivial example but I would say that both Barack Obama and Donald Trump exceeded that powers and cycling Congress in order to tamper with the rules on immigration Obama did it to liberalize immigration trump did it to Tyson and oppression but the number of people who who condemns in both you could come pretty much on your fingers you know and the thing is I have the address right or is wrong it is not right when it happens to be your guide the wrong one is the other guy and the the the the the the as soon as you lose sight of that and you get into this kind of anything goes that's when you risk becoming like in our Guatemala rolled through all all all somewhere else that is it it had a a much weaker history of the rule of law and of a peaceful democratic politics Daniel Hannan it is always great the two to talk to you and your your insight is great and I I'm so happy and there are millions of Americans that are cheering for your freedom today to chart your own course and to be your own country and to fly your flag with pride we appreciate that cousins right back after Douglas's thank you Daniel Hannan from London

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