Sleep & Parenting with Therapist Christine Lawler


Right. Everyone have Christie lawler here. And she is the peaceful sleeper. She's a marriage and family therapist and asleep specialist. She's passionate about helping MOMS feel more empowered in parenting and a huge part of that is getting some rest and I would argue just a huge part of feeling empowered in your life in general is getting some good rest so thank you so much for being here Kristie. I'm so excited for what you have to say in offer everyone listening listening so thank you. Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited yes so I'd love for you. I guess to kind of tell us in your own words. What exactly you do and how you got into to it? Yeah so I'm marriage and family therapists have been doing this for ten years. And even before I had babies I was realizing all the time that my clients that were the most stuck the ones that were the most depressed the most anxious the most annoyed with their spouses where it felt like nothing was really shifting. Those were the clients that had the biggest sleep problems and as an insomnia sufferer myself and a perfectionist. I hated that my answer would like. Oh yes sleep is hard Let's talk about the the real stuff and so I went ahead and I got trained to treat chronic insomnia and that's where I learned not surprisingly but kind of surprisingly that eighty eighty percent of people with mental health problems have underlying sleep issues. Wow which is so huge and I realize like oh my gosh. The key to mental health and wellbeing is getting good sleep and then fast forward. I had babies of my own and struggled with postpartum depression. But I knew ooh that it was because I was sleep deprived and then anyway fast forward. I delve into everything that could about sleep training. I kind of hated it as a therapist and like I said as perfectionist. I hated it that so many of the books in resources were very mom shaming. I felt like everything was very like fear. Fear driven. Like if you don't do it this way then you're crafty parent and then somebody else's like no no you don't do it this way. Then you're a crappy parent and I was like I wanna be a really good parent and I don't know how to do it but I know that I need sleep and I know that my baby needs sleep and so I kind of figured out my own method blending in all of them together and then I had another baby and it worked again and I was helping my friend sleep train. Their babies and I kind of realized like wait. Maybe I'm onto something that I can be voice in the space. That says sleep is really really really important. I research detachment for years. That's another thing that kind of drove me. Nuts is so many people were like fostering unhealthy sleep habits and the name of good attachment which just wasn't correct. I feel like a lot of moms now with all the resources versus. We have an all this stuff on the Internet. We can get really overwhelmed and kind of go into a rabbit hole of mom shame and fear and so anyway I just. I don't know I kind of realized that I wanted my voice in the space to help. MOMS feel empowered and really restore the the magic of motherhood. That comes when everybody is resting. Well 'cause like like that. I battled with postpartum depression and being tired tired and exhausted and looking at my sweet perfect little baby but not feeling that magic feeling guilty about it and I realized like the magic totally totally came back when I had good sleep

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