How to Choose a Name For Your Podcast


This actually came up after a chat chat with somebody at a networking eventual workshop last week. And this person I was chatting to was really stuck on what to name their podcast and they really found this as a hurdle with even starting a podcast. So they knew they wanted to do on. And they're quite confident with the content that they would share but are really stuck on naming it and there were few things that we chatted about which really helped her and so it made me think it was good episode today and it might help view. If you're a little stuck on how to name your podcast now. There's a few different things that you can think about when you're naming it and there's a few different ways you can name aamot firstly. You could name after your name which there are plenty of podcasts out there that do that Sorry if your personal brand is your business then perhaps you will call it the your name show so for example one of my clients is Lauren Murphy. And her brand cheese brand anticipates no brand and sorry her show is called the Lorraine Murphy show. So you'll see a lot of people actually calling the shy your name podcast or the your name Shari sorry another way to name it. Is You know something obvious about the topic. Saw If we take my podcast example mine is all about podcasting and and sorry podcasting. Tips and tricks is very obvious what it is about by the tidal. It pretty much is what it says on the CAN. So that's another way that you can do it. You can think about humane topic or your main topics and you can name it after that. Now you can also name at something quirky which. I really love some podcasts with Quirky working night But I guess one thing you just want to be mindful of here. Is that if you do use a quirky name. Make sure you use a really good tagline. So that explains that's what the podcast is about so that you can come up in searches as well so that you sort of fed through some keywords into that tagline so that you can still. Toby found so. There's three ways that you can actually go about brainstorming. The name of your podcast. I do actually get us quite often. is how to check checking. That's already gone so a couple of places that I think is a good way to check. If that podcast name is gone is firstly to go. into some of the bigger podcast cost directories like apple podcasts. spotify and even just going into Google and typing in the name of the shark that you want to use so that will bring up any search results so google will usually bring up the search results for anything in Apple PODCASTS and spotify. That's named that but it's still worth going into the directories and having a look doc. Some people take that step. Further as well and going check business name directories and see if there is actually a business name with that because quite often a a business name where we tried marked. Sorry if you check that Business Name Directory Upfront. If it's something that is likely to be cold business name and that may be worth join because you don't want to start you podcast necessarily just to find that in a few weeks after you launch that someone comes and says that you can't use that name anymore now. Here's something that you should know if you're finding that you get stuck on actually launching your podcast. Starting your podcast. Because you can't work out the PODCAST CAS nine you can actually change it down the track now. Obviously I would say it would be great if you can work out that name upfront. But but if you re brand or something like that down the track then you can change. The name of your podcasting is actually quite an easy process. Some hosting providers. Actually ask you for a slug. When you're sitting up your Shari's I for example Lipson ask you to set up a slug? which is the word so some people will use the name of this shark Dr Others will sink a little bit bigger than the name of this show because if they want to change it down the track they can't change that would slug in Libson for example. So just be mindful when you're naming the slug of your show if you have to do that in your hosting setup that if you are thinking you're not one hundred percent sure on the ninth then maybe make it something that went down the track some hoist on the other hand provide like an ID number in the Ariza's feet or as the slug ugh. And therefore you don't even worry about that changing the name of your podcast when you're hosting on a provider that doesn't use the slug in the URL. Makes it very a easy. It's just a matter of going into the heist. Changing the name in the show settings and changing your cover art. Sorry that was really what I wanted to touch on today. This person isn't that always speaking to and a couple of people that are in the conversation were quite surprised to know. It's easy to change the name down the track and that always saying don't let that be the thing that stops you from getting your message out to the world so hopefully that has helped you. If you're stuck on your podcast nine. Look I know when I I was thinking about this Shari I really sort of bandied around. Lots of different nines in a really wasn't sure what to go within so sometimes just making that decision going ahead and stopping and then if it really doesn't resonate with you down the track you feel that you've pivoted you podcast. You can change it then so I guess the key takeaways there are sit down and brainstorm. How do you want to name your show? Do you want to name it after your name. If your personal brand do you want to name it the subject that you'll be covering or do you want to name it something quirky and give it a really smart tagline to make it obvious what it's about. What do the research and see if there is already a podcast with that name? And you can check google the podcast directories as well as business name. Directories check that but know that you can change it and don't let the name be. What stops you from starting your podcast because this is one of those things where you can just push through and just stop getting your message out there

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