Trump and Bloomberg Super Bowl ads are a novelty, but are they worth it?


So most of the Superbowl ads professor either tug at our heartstrings or they make us laugh out loud we are looking to be entertained by Super Bowl commercials how unusual is it that a couple of politicians plan to spend millions on Superbowl advertising this year now this is definitely a first time those two Superbowl actually they'll be three commercials I'm told one the sixty second spot by a Bloomberg and two thirty second spots by Donald Trump and incidently they've both been released so you can go online and see both their spots and it is unique and interestingly Chris there's been a lot of buzz around the fact that a lot of advertisers don't want to be adjacent to our abutting one of these political commercials for obvious reasons you know these bi polar topics and you know Hines about like doesn't want to be right next to either of these political ads so apparently for boxes come with a creative way of sandwiching these political ads told in between their own programming ads so that it won't negatively affect any of the others Superbowl buys a brands that have paid five point six million dollars for thirty seconds and they don't want to be next to one of these political ads for all

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