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27 Club


Jimi Hendrix the greatest guitar player of all. Time was a busy guy. Busy being being kidnapped busy running from the mafia busy stealing trucks with Neil. Young trying to get to woodstock on time. Jimmy got busy with themselves and got himself kicked out of the army fired by little Richard arrested by Seattle. Cops and Canadian mounties dosed by his manager and haunted by the ghosts of Brian Jones all of these Jimi Hendrix stories and more coming at you in season one of the twenty seven. The Twenty Seven Club is hosted by me. Jake Brennan Creator. And host of disgracing the first and only music and true crime. podcast odd cast and voted one of Apple. PODCAST best of two thousand nineteen. If you liked graceland then do as Jimi Hendrix. So wisely advised. Watch out for your ears. He's the twenty. Seven club is going to bring you even deeper into the lives of the iconic musicians you know in love. Each season will focus on one artist. Who became a member of rock. 'n Roll's also most infamous club. The morbidly exclusive twenty-seven club by dying sometimes mysteriously at the age of twenty seven season one features twelve. The episodes on Henry's future seasons will cover the lives in too soon deaths. Jim Morrison Janice Joplin. Kurt Cobaine Robert Johnson. Amy Wine House in many many many more. The twenty seven club is a weekly show episodes. Roughly thirty minutes and Mike Disgrace Slam. This is an adult storytelling. PODCAST is not for children. Children the twenty seven club a serialized podcast about icon. ICK rockstars died at the age. Of Twenty seven launches with season one on January twenty seven. Two Thousand Twenty and is hosted and produced by me. Jake Brennan for Double Elvis in partnership with IHEART radio. Subscribe now on Apple podcasts. podcast come join the club..

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