Make the Planet Your Valentine (Chocolate, Jewelry + More)


Hey Liza how's it going. Are you happy weekend and Yeah Day. It is almost Valentine's said husband's prepared Like no not at all. Oh man you know. My husband was a decent job in terms of that but I mean he and I are very much or very millennial like we very much like to spend money on experiences and all that type of thing so he'll occasionally get me flowers We try not to make a big deal out of it but I think really one of the reasons why we wanted to get this episode out. There was because we just keep having more and more questions. I mean as this podcast uncast grows which were so thankful for We get new questions in our inbox in our instagram. DM's every day and a heat. People have a lot of questions around around how to make sure they. Are you know participating in holidays like they normally do because they love to their loved ones expected but they also want to make sure or that they are doing right by the planet so where I think. Valentine's Day is a great way to get in there. Yeah so my favorite stats as usual. Valentine's nine days actually pretty be. I didn't realize how bigoted in terms of consumer spending last year In the US alone with spend over twenty billion dollars on Valentine's on stage and this is actually expected to grow to twenty seven billion dollars thirty thirty two percent growth. It's huge and on average consumers fighting to spend spend almost two hundred dollars one hundred ninety six dollars per person huge right after lot. That is for sure. So that's that's how important this episode. So hopefully you have to do just starting to think that's okay and we got you. This packed with actionable steps for you in terms the Paul. You can make a Valentine's Day just more along the lines of people asking US questions. We had one of our brightly scouts. Laura Beyeler who who actually asked us a few questions about chocolate because they need chocolate is something that people know to kind of expect and love and Valentine's Day and If you're not familiar with brightly scouts it's it's actually our ambassador program the only have for brightly echo. You can join listeners. If you're interested We gather a group of like minded change makers together. Are We have a slack. Channel where people are networking. They're finding new. Friends are fine on partners for different objects will yeah exists so fine and of course yes we. For in honor of participation we give people access to free products and events all sorts of fun things so it definitely Ah Yeah mentorship calls as well so yeah check it out and but any even if you're not our scout member give us a shout out you can record a voice message and ask US questions. Do I have a question for you today. About Chocolate I know that many big chocolate companies like Percy's Mars and camp worry have promised for close to twenty years now to in child labor and Dan to be more sustainable practices to make all of these positive changes really to no avail So I just think about that during holidays survey consumerism driven Like Valentine's Day where these companies make billions of dollars and I know that are spending as consumers immersed goes a long way but with something like chocolate that feels like such a commodity in America. Sometimes it feels like a losing battle So I guess my the question is what positive changes if any have these bigger. Chocolate companies made either in their Sustainability stain ability or in there just more main practices child labor etcetera And other than where we choose to buy and how we choose to the by. What can consumers do to make positive changes not just on Valentine's Day but beyond when it comes to chocolate

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