Here's What Andrew Yang Is Saying in Iowa


Joining us from Iowa this morning Andrew Yang Yang. Thank you for joining us this morning. Let me start where he just left left off with Buddha judge right there you got thirty seconds at the Super Bowl tonight to respond to president trump. What's your pitch? We're living in a country. There are seventy eight percent of us a living paycheck to paycheck. Almost half can afford an unexpected five hundred dollar bill too. Many Americans are being left behind in the twenty first century economy. We need to put gains of this economy directly into our hands into families hands around the country through a dividend of one thousand dollars a month. BE A game changer. For tens of millions of Americans Americans and get this economy working for us again not the big corporations that has been your signatures for signature proposal this whole way but right now You've been in a pretty consistent. Six place he's in Iowa never hit double digits in that state that kind of finish means no delegates out of Iowa after a big investment of time and money I think he spent the last seventeen days on a bus tour. Can you go on with the finish like that. Well we think we're going to surprise a lot of people on Monday night George. And we've you've got a ton of support in New Hampshire. I can't wait to take this vision to the rest of the country. Starting here in Iowa on Monday night. But we'll be in New Hampshire Nevada south South Carolina Super Tuesday. You know that the Yang Gang will be here the entire way. Okay well. The Yangjiang has been fairly strong throughout this process. But you know the Iowa caucuses because you know have a pretty unique voting. You're you're actually going to see four different results coming out of tomorrow night. The first round the second round after realignment and any candidate who doesn't get fifteen percent in a certain precinct your supporters have a chance then to go and back someone else on the second ballot. Where do you expect most of your supporters to go in those precincts? Thinks where you don't hit fifteen percent and are you going to encourage them towards a particular candidate. Well I plan to exceed fifteen percent in the vast majority Jordy of locations As to what are supporters might do if we don't reach that threshold in a particular place. We've very very diverse group of supporters. I can't speak for where they would head Do have a sense. That many of them have supported Bernie in the past but many of them supported president trump and they might just leave leave so there are a whole range of possibilities and I can't speak to the minds of literally thousands of Iowans and you're not going to give them any kind of direction or encouragement in that way. Well right now. We have no plans to do so Michael Bloomberg I. I talked to Mayor Pete about that as well. He started clips you in some of the states coming up And he's going to be for the debates. After New Hampshire. The DNC has changed the rules. They they've dropped that donor requirements. Something you've actually been pushing for for an awful long time So so that Mayor Bloomberg will be able to participate Bernie Sanders argues that. That's rigging the system for a billionaire. What's your response? It's so interesting George. Because the fact is Mike Bloomberg could have gotten himself on the debate stage anytime he wanted. It's pretty straightforward to meet the donor requirement. He could have just. I made that happen through online spending and so I'm not sure this is a development that he's going to welcome. Frankly I think the DNC looked at this and said we need to get Bloomberg gone to beat stage. This changes clearly tailor-made to deliver him to the debate stage and the question is whether this is a move that Mike's excited about or whether Mike Indifferent to or even negative towards excited about debating him. I'm excited I'm thrilled. I'll be back on the debate. Stage next week in New Hampshire and we plan. That'd be on the debate stage the entire way so I expect to see mic on the stage in Nevada the following. I think it's a week or two. Yeah we are going to see you Friday night and you let me ask you a question coming out of impeachment One of one of your competitors Elizabeth. Warren has said that she'll if she's elected president she's GonNa Point a task force to investigate president trump's wrongdoing. If she's he's elected you suggested that President Yang might part in president trump. Why well you have to see what the facts on the the ground are? And certainly I'd listen to the guidance of my attorney general but if you look George at History around the world. It's a very very nasty pattern on that. Developing countries have fallen into where a new president ends up throwing the President before them in jail and that pattern unfortunately makes it very hard for any party to govern Sustainably moving forward with a sense of unity among the people and so to me. America should try to avoid avoid that pattern if at all possible. Let me ask you a final question. You've been one of the most improbable candidates. This fish had a lot of success. You made it in on the debate stage stage so many times. Let me let me ask you. A question takes them truth serum did you start. He'd get this far. I genuinely did George because as I know that the American people realize our government has been decades behind and addressing these challenges that are growing stronger and stronger all the time.

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