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Our topic as it will be how conferences and major photography magazines are changing in the industry. Now before we do that. I know you're an amateur photographer. So how did you get involved like this. Whole photography conferences in mm-hmm magazines? Well I was living in Los Angeles at the time which is where. WPI was headquartered in the mid. Two thousand cents and I was friends with the gentleman you know named Skip Cohen. He was he was president. WPI at the time and the director of WPI's left and he asked me if I would be interested in taking the position because he wanted someone on who wasn't really involved in the professional photography industry sort of a neutral party to come in with fresh eyes and little little. Did I know that fifteen years later I would still be in this industry but I said yes. So was you know. SKIP SKIP incredible judge of character. So that's a lot for you. Thank you know. And he always has a way of thinking outside the box and try to bring somebody in in a position. Bishen that you have that doesn't that's not a full-time professional photographer. I think speech volume. There's no ego involved old. You're looking at it with a fresh set of eyes. And I. I just think it's a great. I'm out of time. So congratulations for that. Well thank you very much I. Yeah that's great so let's talk about the events that are happening now. I'm you guys just announced a major bomb show. What was that? Yes we announced announced that the PDF brand was going to be retired. And with that was We were discontinuing the publication not not only magazine but range finder. As well you'll still have range finder the digital format. That's correct where we're we're going to be creating all the content now on range finder online dot COM We are actually in the process of redesigning the website to better. How's the information that we want to put on there now? We want to expand coverage we WANNA cover industry trends gear and not only what's happening in the wedding portrait world but other areas of photography as well so that we can better her serve our customers the photographers who have been very faithful to the range Finder magazine since the nineteen fifties. So that's a really exciting. You know it's funny because some people look at that as a negative. Oh my Lord. I can't believe this. PDF when they're no longer having print publication will think of all the major Magazines not just the photography world but outside of the photography world that are switching to digital. Just it makes sense. It's cheaper you can make changes to it immediately And we get things out to the public faster so I'm looking at this kind of a positive step. How do you as a content creator yourself? How does this? How does this affect you were were were you? How are you looking from your perspective? Well it it's going to be a big job because as you know putting putting out. A monthly magazine is very different than creating content on a daily basis. Where you're going to keep photographers will want to come? I'm there and learn the latest of what's going on in the photography industry and We really try to on top of that with both magazines. But now we were. It's GonNa be a fresh look. It's going to be fresh perspective we've discovered through surveys and you will know this as well younger photographers take in their information from social media or online whether it's youtube or the looking at facebook to see what other photographers they're doing the reading their news on CNN dot com. So we're just trying to be not cognizant of what our readers want and they want to get their information online hole that makes sense to pdf N.. What shift to different magazines yet? PD had range finder. That's what was the difference between the two well. PGN was focused more on commercial. Fine Art Photographers. It was a very different. There was Assam overlap but it was more Commercial photography whereas range finder started as a wedding republication then expanded into wedding portrait and as you know. Portrait now has really taken off a so many different genres whether it's boudoir pants. It's just not the typical family portrait anymore that you think they're just so many different areas in portraiture sure so range. Finder has also got along with those trends as well so it really was a different focus than PD N. Gotcha that makes sense. And then that's where you have the different groups which you have. WPI as a conference and then photo plus so you had WPI on the the west coast of the United States and then you have photo plus the east coast of the United States so did try do info plus on the west coast once a long time ago and they did at work so they is definitely the best place to have federal plus Gotcha Crepe I so without Canadian with that part of the publication gone. Where do you see the what you see that being integrated with range finder or other things? You're doing well. The content is not going to go away way What we're going to do is look at all the content we've had over the years from pgn and we're going to take what was meaningful meaningful from that and disperse it to the other side so whether it will live on photo plus dot com range finder online or WPI VPI that content will still be there as because it's still relevant and we WANNA make sure that people still have access to it? It's interesting you go back to twenty cornell for example you go back to some of his books he saying the same thing he said all all those years ago but he's saying the different and a fresher with a fresh voice and people are like. Wow I didn't know that in here thinking really. He's been talking about this. A how many years but but Tony has that way of taking the knowledge and disseminating it to a new generation as a a little bit. He's he's great at it and I think that there's something to be said for the teachers that have been around around for years and they have such an expanded knowledge base. And all they're doing is cultivating a new audience. The younger photographers is who may not necessarily have access to season photographers. Who have worked in the industry for years at know how to to apply these concepts and ideas that they're teaching? You can't get that necessarily from a youtube instructor. Who is going to talk about? Things is that they've only had experience with for two or three years.

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