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We will start with the official news out of Cleveland Scavenge to ban skis hired by the browns. They announce officially on Monday. He's thirty seven. Spent fourteen seasons as an assistant in Minnesota but has never been a head coach at any level level his entire. NFL coaching career. As I mentioned has been with one organization the Minnesota Vikings Stansky took over play calling duties on offense late in the two thousand eighteen season. Minnesota ran the ball. Forty seven percent of the time with Danske asked the play caller. That's the second highest rate in that span trailing only the Baltimore Ravens was introduced at a press conference just a little while ago. I the foremost success starts with people and I know we'll talk a lot about culture but it is absolutely about the people and everybody knows the Harry Truman quote. It's amazing what you can accomplish when no one cares who gets. That's the credit and that's what I believe. We have in our building. We have great people. I know we're going to add to it will hire G. G. M. here in the next week can or two and we're going to add to this culture that that we're building here and we have the right people and again. I can't stress enough. How excited I am the be? Just a part of did you know to use a basketball terms to my dad can understand this. I want to be the point guard for this organization. I want to bring the ball up then I wanNA share the basketball and let so what else get an easy bucket though smiling over there. WE'RE NOT GONNA I'M NOT GONNA speak anything into existence right now I can. I promise you that we're GONNA work. I've already spoken to a few of our players already. And that's what I'm about I'm about working and I'm about putting a foundation together the other. We will be methodical about it. We will not skip. Step two two and three to get to four. We're GONNA start in the foundation and then we're going to reinforce foundation Shen said we can build upon it and when I'm talking about this I'm talking about schemes and technique will be diligent about working with our players so that they can develop into the the best versions of themselves and ultimately we're building a foundation for what we hope is a championship. Effort will have a culture of accountability. We'll have structures is in place the players will understand our rules. And what we're about and we're going to demanding and we're going to hold each player accountable. Because ultimately I know this about players they they May Not come out and ask you for that. But that's what they want. Well perhaps the tenth. TIME IS THE CHARM IN CLEVELAND. Stansky is the tenth full time head coach Wjr. The browns have hired since returning to the League in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine that is the most in the league over that span of the previous nine. None have posted a winning record. Heard and not a single one has lasted more than four seasons continuity and consistency has been a real issue in Cleveland. Victor certainly something they'd like to you see changes to fanciest step in the right direction. In your opinion will I believe he is and I think that consistency where it is important. And right because you put up that list of all the coaches and the coaches that they've they've pretty much funneled through throughout the years can you provide that level of stability that they've been seeking for almost a year in and year out. Can you provide that for their now. The thing I do like about Stansky a fan ski is that he has experience with creating plays for two star receivers and I think that's something that's going to have to translate over to the Cleveland. Browns obviously with Odell Beckham junior junior and Jarvis Landry and having that experience I'm sure enticed of that for an office inside bring him in and understanding that they got to get the best out of these players in the best out of all their play makers obviously nick included In the backfield now is he going to be a leader of men and he is he going to be able to handle. The Eagles and the different personalities is that are in that locker room. Desk the biggest question that still remains to be seen. It's defense gas interviewed with the browns. Before in fact it's believed that he was the first source of politics but Desta several seasons ago and and it didn't work out. Matt you spent time with him as part of that Minnesota Vikings Organization. What can you tell us right? He he was a young quarterback coach at the time. And so when I got there was actually a little bit older than he was which is an interesting dynamic but at the same time. He's been all around that building. You know he's an administrative assistant and when he started there then. He was a quarterback coach. He's I've been with the running backs he's been with the wide receivers so he's been in all the different elements of the offensive side of the ball. He's seen the ups and downs. He's seen how free agency can impact so he's got a great feel feel. He's a great leader. He's got a presence about himself in the other thing that I think that the Cleveland browns are probably drawn to is the simple fact that this is a very quarterback friendly offensive structure that he's presented presented in for a guy like Baker Mayfield that had had his struggles last year. And maybe some confidence issues. Maybe not though. Let's see the press conference the same time. It's a quarterback friendly. There's a lot of play action. There's a lot of movement of the pockets. A Lotta easy throws to be made screen. And then there's like you said that balance forty seven percent percent of the time the run the ball. There's great balance in that offensive structure in for a young quarterback and going into his third year after some struggles. I think this is a great fit for that organization Asian and going back to when they actually made this higher People in Cleveland were telling me that it was actually his run game because we see what he was able to do with Dowling Cook and how he was able to make become a good player to really a great one and he's a central part of that offense that we now see in Minnesota and that was a big part of it but in terms of now Cleveland going forward looking for GM the way it was explained to me is they really want these to head coach and gm to work as one. This is why they moved on. From John Dorsey Percy and Freddie Kitchens. They didn't feel like this was working together. So they're looking for someone who has the same vision and the analytics department obviously is of of crucial part of Cleveland. And what they're looking for a head coach and I think that's why Stefanski became that lead candidate because he's accepting of it. He wants to be part of that and You know I think I saw some reports out there about how Cleveland is demanding that their head coach presents the game plan to ownership and really the way it was explained to me. It's not so much that they want to see the game plan. They just want everyone to be in sync to go over to make sure they're all on the same page headed into the game. Well you can't blame him and and that is something that clearly was not the case. I think you make a great point. It's poor in that somebody come in and be able to work and mold Baker Mayfield but also be able to be the CEO and run this whole organization and have everybody else be accountable. I think Freddie Kitchens might have had one of those two things that went by the wayside outside the quarterback with the hiring in Cleveland. What it does mean? Is that every chair on the head. Coaching carousel is now accounted for. The browns were the fifth and final team to hire a new head coach in the off season. Three of the hires tires Stefanski as we just discussed Joe Judge with the giants and Matt Raw and Carolina our first time. NFL head coaches the other two quite the contrary contrary Mike McCarthy in Dallas Ron Rivera in Washington they will get a second chance or in some cases third or fourth various established. NFL head coaches of of all the five. Who Intrigues you? The most in their new spot intrigues me is Matt Rule. I WanNa see what really transpires here right. He seven years sixty million dollar contract. That's a big commitment big commitment. I mean we might need to think about going into coach. That's it has everything else that they're also saying that they're making a commitment to Cam Newton with the type of style and the offensive structured. That they've set up McCaffrey's there I mean they've got the pieces of the puzzle there now. It's interesting to see how that that offensive structure from college translates to the NFL. which is I mean? There's been guys like chip Kelly in the past right John Harbaugh's price guy. That's been the most successful but that was more of a pro style offense with the most the most recent Kingsbury in Arizona so cliff Kingsbury. Excuse me it's been a mixed bag. There's no question. Let me ask you this just circling back to something you said by hiring Matt rule it you believe this means a commitment to Cam Newton. Can you explain why why I just think that The Baylor and watching their offense of structure and the RPO that takes place that's run pass options and all the different things that they're well versed in and that the Baylor offense has been historically historically very successful with in terms of that offense of structure I just think that that Fits Cam Newton's game very well and so I believe that that's a statement saying look. We wanted to bring somebody in here that you're going to be comfortable in this type of offense of structure and go out and be able to put yourself in a position to have success extent to intrigue you for me. Is Joe Judge my beloved giants. I think well I just think because going into it. Once I saw the Vacancy Happen at the head coaching position I was all right. The giants are GonNa come in here and get either like a Ron Rivera type or even McCarthy and get a guy that will come in and commanding presence. Once he walks into the building and I think with the hiring of Joe Judge just left me like okay I. It felt like the same cycle almost felt like coach mcadoo a couple years ago when you give a guy a shot and bring him in if he can transcend The coaching position or the year. After that when you bring in Pat Shurmur and you try to bring take a chance on another guy. Felt like we're taking another chance on another guy but granted. I must say I loved after the press conference I loved his mannerisms I love. He literally embodied what the New York Giants Football Organization is all about when he stepped up there on that podium Liam so I say that with a grain of salt because I love the press conference and I think he's going to bring something different than the other two coaches did in the past. But I still left me scratching my head in terms of who was out there here in the type of guys that could've came in that building and commanded a present these guys by the way Matt Rule and Gioja Geno. It's not about winning the press coverage but they did rule who was must see TV. I was just watching. He's missing time with the giants. Who so I knew all about? He's got does I think you know obviously recruiting such a big part of being a head coach in college. You don't mean to recruit You know when you're in the NFL. Which is why? I'm an agreement with you. I think that is the most enticing match COPA or at least the situation of the coaches just because you just look at history and making that jump from college the NFL. It's not easy and there just hasn't been a high success rate there. I think obviously he spent a little time with a giant. So it's not like he's

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