Adam Driver Walked Out in the Middle of His Interview With Terry Gross


Do you feel that deal it. The air has changed changed. And we're now in the middle of a magical time in history. That's right Adam. Driver has somehow become one of the most famous people alive. How do I know this because it seems like? He's at the centre of different major controversy every single week. People Love Adam driver. People Hate Adam driver. I mean folks folks. This is the time to be alive. Today's Adam driver news revolves around him walking out on Terry Gross in the middle of fresh air interview that he did to promote his movie. Marriage story daily beast. Got The exclusive on this. They described the incident as follows and I quote sources at. NPR told told the daily beast. That driver walked out of an interview earlier. This month with fresh air host Terry Gross after expressing displeasure at the idea of listening to a clip of himself. Singing being alive from the musical company drivers character sings the song late. In Noah Baumbach New Netflix film marriage story and quote. Wow okay okay. So Adam driver walked out on Terry Gross. Because he didn't want to hear himself saying I mean that's kind of relatable. He also did mention before the interview. that he it doesn't watch clips of himself. Some people are calling him a diva for doing this. A lot of people are coming to Adams defense. Low calling his walking out on the interview a mental health self preservation tactic in Adam drivers October New Yorker profile. He discusses his anxiety over watching himself perform. The New Yorker wrote wrote quote. The first time driver saw himself in girls on Dunham's laptop he was mortified. That's when I was like I can't watch myself in things. I certainly can't watch this this if we're going to continue doing it. He said many actress declined to watch themselves but for driver that reluctance amounts to a phobia and quote depending on where you stand you either. Thank Adam drivers a diva shore. Like I said or you think he's someone with really intact boundaries. WHO's protecting his phobia or you don't care at all and you probably have a a really nice chill brain? That's not constantly thinking about Adam driver personally. I don't know what side of Adam drive her story. I'm on I don't know if there's a wrong or right side I mean I don't I just don't think about it. I really have to. I have to let this marinate if you are one of the people that's reluctant to make fun of Adam driver for walking out on this interview. That's totally fair. That being said surely we can all come together and make fun of Adam driver for how he used to eat. A whole rotisserie chicken back in the middle of acting class at juilliard. Right if you're behind on your Adam driver news and didn't know eater wrote about this a few days ago saying quote on an episode of the podcast. The film re Roll Drivers Juilliard Classmates Scott Yellow recalls drivers love for Rotisserie chicken to the point where he'd eat a whole one in class eater then unquote solo. WHO said quote? He would walk around school with an entire chicken in one hand and a jug of water in the other end quote. Can you just picture that a young young Adam driver walking into a black box theater with a whole chicken and a whole jug of water. I'm personally picturing the plastic jug of water that you get at the grocery store it kind of looks like it should have milk in it but it doesn't it has water and it has like the blue plastic top and listen. It's not like acting. Classes typically have desks so I'm guessing if Adam driver related eat a whole chicken in acting class he had to have eaten it on his lap the mandated chicken on his lap. Okay and we can all agree that that's funny and worth making fun of. Isn't it beautiful. How we all just came together like that I could cry?

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