What is BMI?



The body mass index is a measure your height and your weight workout if your weight is healthy the. BMI Calculation divides an adult's weight in kilograms by their height in meeting squared. I'd say a BMI of Twenty five means twenty five kilograms per meter squared. So as an example I'm around ninety four kilograms or around two hundred seven pounds. My wait wait. Sorry is one hundred eighty three centimeters or one eight hundred meters so the calculation I do is ninety four divided by one point eight three times. One point eight three or three point three five and this gives me a score of twenty eight point zero seven. which would make on the BMI scale overweight? which I like to I think I am not the scale for? BMI context is scored less than eighteen. Point five your underweight if you're the school between eighteen point eighty five to twenty four point nine a healthy weight and between twenty five twenty nine point nine your overweight this is where I apparently would lie and over thirty you orbis but now we're going to look at. Why should no longer rely on to see whether someone is a healthy weight? So the first point I wanted to make is that muscle is denser Sir than fat. So if we have an athlete to a lot of muscle mass and someone who's actually probably carrying too much body parts they may have the same. BMI or quite possibly the athletes will have a higher BMI. It makes no allowance for the relative proportions bone muscle and fat in the body. And as we know. Bonus also dented and and muscle and twice as dense as fat to some with strong bones and good muscle tone and low body. Fat could actually still have a high. BMI BMI also fails ACCOUNT FOR DIFFERENCES IN RACE Gender Age. However oversee these clear influence on one's body shape women naturally stole hiring body? Fat Men men. Generally how out denser and stronger bones than women have higher muscle mass as well. It doesn't differentiate between visceral fat internal vassar on your organs subcutaneous fats which which is the Gigli fat visible just under the skin and there's also case distribution changes with aging a better way to look at. What's whether you are classified as overweight very quickly is to do a different calculation? It's actually to do a waist height ratio and this is a simple measurement for assessment of your lifestyle risk. And whether you're overweight or not says comparing your waist circumference to your height so miss your waist conference at a horizontal line one inch above your belly button and your that obviously measuring hibernate measure as well so the calculation would be as follows you divide your waist circumference. This is easier in centimeters Tehran. Thirty four inches. Roughly equates to around eighty six point three six centimeters by your height in centimeters so one hundred eighty three centimeters and this gives my waist a high ratio a school of no point four seven. which would put me in the healthy category? There's a different scale than there is for the BMI. So check that out is it's different for men and women as well to equate different genders. So if a man is no point four seven the might be healthy but if a female score might not be just check those numbers that's just an example but but that's a quick solution or quick commission you can do as opposed to rely on your mind but obviously there are other methods that we'd recommend as well for tracking body fat knots. What's on there are a number of different ways through this example using shape scale or using fat calipers if you want to find a lot of different ways of how to track your body fat than death Qatar Guide to tracking progress on our blog because doug goes into every different method the pros and cons of each check that out but I wanted to really quickly this episode Sean some light on why be should not be the standard of whether will healthy or not and if you want a quick fix or a quick way to determine if you're right or not. Dan Do the waist to height

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