E-bikes show distinct pattern of severe injuries


EBags regular bikes and scooters are popular as ways to help the environment but each has its own safety concerns in a crash a just released study based on seventeen years of data shows that he bike riders are at risk of more severe injuries than people and pedal bikes or scooters by were three times more likely to fall with injury to to a a pedestrian pedestrian and and twice twice as as likely likely to to involve involve an an injured injured from from motor motor vehicle vehicle scooters scooters were were much much more more likely likely to to result result in in concussion concussion and and what what we we call call soft soft tissue tissue injuries injuries sprains strains and fractures that's Charles DiMaggio the study's lead author from N. Y. U.'s school of medicine he says speed plays a part E. bikes can go faster also there is the age factor he bikes today are often written by people over thirty and older folks when they get injured they don't bounce is usually a kids huddle bicycles accounted for the overwhelming number of emergency room visits for the period studied powered scooters came in next and while injuries were potentially more severe he bike riders had the fewest accidents

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