How to Hire a Full-Time Rockstar Virtual Assistant


We're talking all about how you can hire a full time. Rockstar virtual assistant assistant and we're talking less than six hundred dollars a month and John Before we even get into the specifics on that you. My friends live the four hour workweek. So Oh please tell us how so. I'll tell you the backstory. Then I'll tell you what goes on so this is like twelve years ago. My wife was Pregnant With Our Third Child oiled and we got into the doctor's appointment and had some tests done and he came in to the room and said to my wife you have pre ECLAMPSIA and if you don't go on strict bedrest for the next three to five weeks you're gonNA have a seizure and die and you're gonNA lose this baby and obviously I'm sitting there in the appointment and that was it was a complete shock and I was just thinking like. Oh my gosh. My wife has to be on strict bedrest. I have two other kids. I I can't work mark like I. I gotTa Take Care of my kids full-time and so on the way home from the Dasa else think about how can I deal with this and and so when I got home I sent an email to to the guys in the Philippines and I were working for me and I told him like. Here's the situation. I can't work. I need you guys to do everything that you're currently doing for me and from there for the next three weeks. She was on strict bedrest for next three weeks. I worked one hour and and those two dudes in the Philippines just took over my business like everything that I was doing at the time so this is twelve years years ago so what I was doing at the time was different but you know like managing our Edwards and managing my blog and our comments and the software recreating and customer service is and marketing. All stuff that I was currently overseeing all of a sudden I wasn't overseeing anymore and and so my wife had the baby three weeks later perfect healthy amazing beautiful little girl and for the next two months. I worked about an hour week because I had like walked locked away and these guys were still running my business and my wife took a lot of recovering and so when I came back three months later after the doctor's appointment I kind of expected in my business to be mostly falling apart and it wasn't And and that was where I realized like dude this hour workweek thing is really possible and I'm I'm living it and this is like this is how I live this lifestyle. I get other people to do the work for me and I teach them how to do it. And just you know these two guys that working for me. They had been with me for eighteen months. I don't want people to think that all I'm GonNa go hire someone and I'm GonNa live the four hour workweek later today. It's not it's not how it works They had been working for me for like eighteen months. I had taught them and train them and work with them and so they knew a lot. I just didn't realize that they were so capable of of doing what they were doing. So and then since then I found that like an hour. A week isn't enough. I need like I need like fifteen hours a week to keep me busy because otherwise I'm I'm just bugging my wife all the time. So that's that's where I am. I'm like fifteen seventeen hours a week and I've been therefore like ten or twelve years now fire nation. Let me tell you once you taste the sweet sweet sweet nectar of time. Freedom you you WanNa let go. I mean I've just returned with cates from a ninety day world. Track where Kate Ni- working less than an hour a day so about five to seven hours. A week in our business was thriving without us with our three full-time virtual assistance. and that is the sweet sweet nectar that you will not WanNa give up once you have it so. Let's talk specifics. Because six hundred dollars a month as the title promises is pretty darn affordable. I mean it's pretty hard affordable for four. We're talking a forty hour of full time. Virtual assistant fire nation so John. Can we actually find somebody with skills at that price point. Yeah and it will depend on. Who you who like what kind of person you're you're not gonNA hire a great programmer for six hundred dollars a month but you can hear a great program for a thousand bucks a month or for twelve hundred bucks a month that's you that's US dollars? You can hire someone who speaks great English and you can teach them to do whatever it is you want. you hire someone who is really good at data entry. You can hire someone. Who's good at wordpress? You can hire someone who's good at writing writing content. You can hire someone who's really good at social social media social media marketing for six hundred dollars a month so when I started the people that I hired and this is a long time ago a lot of a different way of hiring but they were making making two hundred and fifty dollars a month and and that was fulltime work and so the salaries have gone up quite a bit but yeah it's six hundred bucks a month. You can hire talented alotted competent people and it's and really it's more than just like talented people. It's it's competent people because that's really the biggest thing that people we'll worry about outdoor is like oh I'm hiring someone who can't follow directions or if I if I miss a step then in giving him directions than than. They're not going to get anything done Dan and that's not the case here So yeah you can definitely do it. You can definitely find people with skills and I lay out like skills. You can find if you're interested. Did less Leo some skills so I have twenty four people. That work for me fulltime in the Philippines and the Philippines here is important and we can talk about that right but yeah we'll get to that so in those twenty four people. I have fulltime programmers. Obviously I have four or five programs I have an developer. Those people all make over a thousand dollars month I have full-time designers really good designers between eight hundred fifteen hundred dollars a month I have Good html CSS. The people that are like Six hundred thousand dollars a month I have an HR person I should stop talking about their salaries. Because then they'll know how much each other makes definitely listen entrepreneurs on fire so you should be careful about some of them. Do I have like back end. Admin people people that are looking at data in our website or or people that are like doing admin tasks or managing reports or or whatever I have content writers have social media people people that manage social media people that write for social media. Yeah people that create images for social media. I have a customer up. A bunch of customer support people. So let me ask you jump in here for a second because before fire nation is kind of maybe starting to think not that you are fire nation but in case some of you are thinking like man this is kind of feel like we're taking advantage of people in any any way shape or form. The reality is this six hundred. US dollars per month in the Philippines in these countries that we're talking about. This is an incredibly well. Well living adjusted wage period under story like when I hired my first virtual assistant and this was actually for four hundred and fifty dollars a month back in two thousand eleven and she still with me. She's Deli making more than that now. Because I give a raises every year but harder at four fifty a month forty hours per week I can. I'll never forget like at the three-month three-month recap that. I was doing to see if we wanted to keep her full-time she was so emotional because she said John I was making three hundred dollars a month as a full time nurse working twelve hours a day having to get on a bus for two and a half hours one way to the hospital and then two and a half hours one way back I I would get mugged on that bus. An average of three to four times per year the bus to get stopped and everybody on their we'll have to give their money was going through a dangerous part of the Philippines. She's like now. I'm making more money. I'm working from home spending more time with my friends. My family not commuting five hours a day. It was an amazing opportunity. And guess what she's He's been with my business now for eight years and she's definitely making a lot more than that now because he's earned it over the years more skills and all that stuff but I just wanted to kind of jump open and kind of share that kind of perspective and if you've had anything similar definitely feel free to share as well so not only have I had almost the exact same experience over ran over and over again but I know I know hundreds of people who have had that exact same experience like I hired this person in and after a couple of weeks or months we do this review and and and they are so thankful for the job and because of all the things you said like. Oh they're making more money. I mean the minimum wage in the Philippines is like one hundred seventy dollars a month. Yeah and there's no commute you know. As long as they have decent WIFI Internet in their house. And if they don't then they're going to be able to afford it now with higher wage anyways I mean I'm not kidding I am not kidding when I say my virtual assistant like three years ago sent me a picture of the house. She bought for her family because of the job. Like it's unbelievable what you're doing. I think these

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