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Marshawn Lynch reflects on the 'Beast Quake' anniversary in the most Marshawn Lynch way


We all remember what happened around here on a very sea hawk St January eighth two thousand eleven the day of football game became so much more courtesy of this guy seventeen power trying to get a powerful sold one you know we found and we know we are going to be lined up and then Marchand made the play captured by NBC beside themselves and so were the fans at CenturyLink field they jumped and yelled sold loudly the seismograph at the university of Washington went off Marshawn Lynch touchdown triggered the infamous beast quake is having it and this week we celebrate the beast quake which measured somewhere between one and six on the Richter scale the ninth anniversary of the seismic event is even sweeter because beast mode is back on our team Marchand was asked about the beast quake just before the holidays in that all her was Ruffalo my shoulder pads and Marie sixty seven a win this weekend could bring the team back down for a possible aftershocks Ryan Calvert komo

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