Burisma: US firm says Russia hacked company at heart of Trump impeachment


Of president trump's upcoming impeachment trial says it's been hacked by Russian spies charisma that's the company were hunter Biden served on the board as you recall they were a major player in this impeachment hearing that we all listen to right here on comma when it happened covering this for The Washington Post is national security reporter Ellen Nakashima who joins us on come on news good afternoon hi good to be with you when did this hack of charisma happened did happen to coincide with the impeachment hearings here it began last November which was about the same time that the Congress was doing it in the impeachment enquiring into the president trump and whether he pieces office by seeking a pressure Ukrainian president the land speed into the opening investigations into Joe Biden hunter Biden why verismo because I imagine you know a lot of folks would have liked to see whatever you know they were sending to each other at the time that hunter Biden was there or that president trump may have been communicating with Mr Zelinsky what does this say about Russian motivation so Bruce is a natural gas company in Ukraine that had been under investigation for corruption for a while but in this case the the hunter Biden who Joe Biden's son had been on the board of charisma and at the time when fight boys prison by then when you were still in office he was the point man for the Obama administration on Ukraine issues and he had been pressuring the along with other western allies and the Europeans pressuring the Ukrainian government to clean up corruption intend to root out either corrupt actors including in the prosecutor I was looking at corruption charisma and so he would you prefer that prosecutor to resign leader on president trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani suggested that at that moment that moves are pressuring was was a way to to give his son hunter an advantage and of course president trump wanted to have this information to come out publicly because it would tend to put a a potential twenty twenty opponent in a negative light now is also part of the larger narrative that president trump has been promoting our suggesting is his true which is unfounded in fact that Ukraine not Russia was interfering in the twenty sixteen election in the presidential election yeah the bridge was caught up in a whole yeah okay and so the best hacker wouldn't have left a trace behind how did it come to light that was Russia that hacked into whatever information charisma has well the Russian military spy agency to cheer you has been very active in in in hacking a hero in fact they were hacking the Democratic Party servers in twenty sixteen and then hopefully we can Clinton campaign chairman his email G. email that all came out in in twenty sixteen and the US intelligence agencies concluded that this was done this is part of the concerted effort by the Russian government to to to try to give cannot then candidate trump a hand in in the election and undermine the campaign of Hillary Clinton in in twenty sixteen this spy agency this year you an attacker's now looks like they're active again in the in the twenty twenty campaign and this time they said that their site on company Bristol which they think might have incriminating or embarrassing emails from hunter Biden perhaps that might tend to buttress or vans the argument that trump and usually only have been making about corruption of course we do not know whether these hackers have actually obtained anything of use and whether it so they're going to release it all we know is that the did target in place of a resume the evidently were successful in in getting into their email accounts according to a cyber security company called area one security our list of what they did or didn't find certainly a fascinating fold in all of

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