The Oscar noms are out


All right. Let's just dive into the nominees for the Oscars. Isa Ray and John Show announced them at the early hour of five eighteen. Am this morning. And now I'm going to read them to you right now. Oh okay the best picture. Nominees are Ford versus Ferrari the Irishman Joe. Joe Rabbit Joker little women marriage story in nineteen seventeen once upon a time in Hollywood and parasite for parasite this is actually a history making nomination. This is the the first ever. KOREAN BAST picture nominee. Okay here's the directing. Nominations Scorsese is nominated for the Irishman Todd Phillips Phillips's nominated for Joker Sam Mendez is nominated for directing nineteen seventeen Tarantino nominated for once upon a time in Hollywood and Vong June. How is needed for parasite just in case? You didn't catch it. Those are all male directors. No female directors got nominated this year. Okay here's the nominations for actress in a leading role Cynthia Areva has nominated for Harriet Scarlett. Johansson nominated for marriage story. See your shirt. Ronin women is nominated for little women. She's actually the youngest four time Oscar nominee in history. Now she's only twenty five. She's gotten four nominations. Pretty Cool also nominated donated. Is Charlie's thrown for bombshell and Renee Zellweger for Judy. Who is my personal favorite? I mean everyone in this category I I think is fantastic but judy is for some reason. My favorite movie of this Oscar season I just. I don't know somethings like broken in my brain because as I feel like I'm the only one that thinks judy is the best movie of all time but I fully acknowledged that my taste in movies is you know not normal anyway now for actor in a leading role we've got Antonio Banderas for Pain and Glory Leo DiCaprio Aka. LDC is nominated for once. It's part time in Hollywood. Adam drivers nominated for marriage story. Walking Phoenix is nominated for Joker and Jonathan. Pryce is nominated for the two popes oops. I'm sorry we're going to get to the snaps later but I have to say I can't believe Adam Sandler didn't get the best actor in a leading role nomination like come on uncut gems tmz is so good The two popes guy beat out. Adam Sandler Tam okay now for best actress in a supporting role we've got Kathy Bates dates for her part. In Richard Jewel. People are actually talking about how her nomination is one of the surprises of this year's nominees. Laura DERN got nominated from marriage story Scarlett Johansson has her second nomination for this supporting role in Joe. Joe Rabbit. Florence PUGH got nominated for a little women and Margot Robbie got an obligation for bombshell. Of course we all know. I'm a big flow pugh Stan. I mean hope she wins this category so bad. I'm at the point if my like Phantom of Florence Pew that have started following like Florence. PUGH twitter stanton accounts. I can't wait to see her. And Zach braff on the red carpet. Please please take Zach Braff to the Oscars come on Florence. Please all right now for best actor in a supporting role. We've got Brad Pitt for once upon a time in Hollywood al Al Pacino for the Irishman. Joe Patchy for the Irishman. Tom Hanks for a beautiful day in the neighborhood and Anthony Hopkins for the two popes. So I'm I'm not gonna read the rest of the categories You can look them up online if you want but the big winner for the nominations at least is the joker which has walked walked with eleven nominations. Next place is the Irishman which has ten nominations nineteen seventeen also got ten nominations. So did once upon a time. I'm in Hollywood denominations and behind that Gioja rabbit got six total nominations. Little women got six total. Nominations seem with marriage story in parasite recite which also both got six

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