Amy Klobuchar roars into contention on eve of primary


In just four hours midnight eastern time new HAMPSHIRITES will start voting in the first primary the two thousand twenty presidential race. You're looking there at Dixville. Notch side of the earliest balloting. Along with Hart's Location and across the state candidates have been making last minute pitches. Buddha judge tonight expected shortly Exeter Bernie Sanders speaking soon in dorm. Orm Joe Biden also campaigning. Tonight president trump who faces only token republican opposition. Tomorrow speaking as well tonight in Manchester. He is as you might imagine. The center of two competing story lines on the democratic side. One that Democrats are wilting. In the face of him and Joe Biden is in trouble and to the Joe Biden is hanging on just fine and predicts trouble in November for the president. This contracting notions are reflected in a pair of polls neither of which the last word on tomorrow or the rest of the race but both worth mentioning for what what they have to say about the momentum right here and right now one from C. N. N.'s final tracking poll in the state show Senator Bernie Sanders with a significant lead over Pete. Buddha judge Joe Biden Leiden distant third followed closely by senators. Warn Amy Klobuchar. The other Polish national one from Quinnipiac and in addition to showing Joe Biden a solid second place. It also has all those same candidates beating the president in a head to head matchup plus one at the top Mike Bloomberg running ahead by the widest margin of all. Now bearing in mind that by this time tomorrow night vote. The voters will certainly render some those predictions mood. Let's get a late read on what we know. What is happening on the ground in New Hampshire starting? CNN's political article director David Chalian. WHO's in Manchester Tonight so obviously polls W- they are where they are. The latest poll is interesting. It shows how the moderate candidates khanates or splitting potential voters expect an answer could firm up a sanders advantage. Well it might sanders does win green here and remember Anderson Bernie Sanders one here by twenty points against Hillary Clinton for years ago. Obviously that was a one on one race but if indeed the result looks like not just our report a bunch of polls showing him with an edge in this state. He'll then have come off a very strong showing in Iowa. A victory in New Hampshire. If that's what happens tomorrow tomorrow. And he will be the front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Something that had been Joe Biden's position for the entirety of last year. That's going to be a abuse shuffling of that happened in these going to no doubt 'cause a lot of hand wringing inside the sort of establishment wing of the Democratic Party if indeed Having a self described democratic socialist at the top of the ticket is the best way to move forward and be Donald Trump. There's going to be a lot of conversation about Out that if that's what New Hampshire produces tomorrow night. The candidates have been all over the state obviously today. What what's been kind of the gist of their last? Minute Appeals Yeah. I actually caught up with a couple of the my I saw people to earlier in the day. And then Amy Klobuchar Buddha just closing message he was aware of the Sanders position in this state and he was taking on Sanders specifically on the raising of middle class taxes to help pay his medicare for all plan. which you know footage doesn't support Porto? He was trying to draw that contrast he also was saying. You know it can't just be revolution versus status quo. That's the argument. He's making he says most of us don't see ourselves in that picture of revolution versus status quo. He's claiming that's Bernie. Sanders is depicting as the choice. Here asper Amy Klobuchar. I will tell you it was probably the best I've ever seen her on the campaign trail. This is somebody who is a supremely confident in this moment for her. She felt good obviously about that Friday night. Debate performance you see in these polls over the weekend that she has got a bit of momentum. Now we'll see if that translates it's to actual votes tomorrow clearly. Being with her in Exeter New Hampshire. Today you could see a candidate. That was ultra comfortable in her skin. In this moment that she thinks things are gelling for her right

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