New Hampshire Primary Election Results 2020


Let's return now to the results of the New Hampshire primary key win for Bernie Sanders terrible night for Joe Biden. The first one either while while sound is is so far at least winning the race for Democrats supporters can he convert that into the wider political appeal that he would need to defeat. Donald Trump in November. Joining me to discuss that and some of the day's other top stories are Vincent Vinny. UK correspondent for Euronews and political analyst and former BBC political correspondent. Kara okay. I'm carol normally. If you label anybody in American politics anything in American politics a socialist you might as well call them Communists Ernest. It's it's it's completely fatal and you can see candidate sanders going up against trump and socialists. Being about the only thing Donald Trump says for the next six months absolutely Leeann I think socialism socialist does have different connotations in the United States. It's still something where Donald Trump can successfully whip hop certainly a part part of the American electorate against him. I think what's interesting here is that yes last night was a good night for Bernie Saunders. But he was only a fraction ahead of Pete. Booty judge and we've seen Amy Klobuchar also showing very strongly. There's quite a long way to go in this race Bernie Sanders. This is in many ways. The Jeremy Corbyn of American politics. He's got this very powerful loyal. Fan Base significant pecan grassroots support activists who go out there and campaign for him but he's a very divisive figure. He's divisive even within the Democratic Party. And as I think you suggested that there are many even within the Democratic Movement who think that he is just too left-wing to socialist too radical to win over the number of votes the center ground to win votes back from Donald Trump. I mean Vincent. Those I had some voters being interviewed yesterday. Who Democrats who said? Look if it's if it's Bernie. We're not GONNA win. You might as well not even have the election because trump's in trump's GonNa win the election is there that sense and I suppose there is a parallel here to something we'll discuss later in the Labor Party in the UK. The sounders does very well with activists goes very well with committee diehard Democrats who are going to vote Democrat anyway but it's that question of whether he can win over those voters in the middle the ones who voted for a bomb but then voted not for trump as a two things on this. The first is yeah. There's obvious parallel with Jeremy copen hip. There's an obvious parallel with Donald Trump. Someone who wasn't a Republican came in as the fringe is candidate managed to get a strong movement behind him that really supports them then took over the party. And we're seeing the same thing with Bernie Saunders in. He has this movement that he carried forward Ford from the last election. He never ready suspended parts of his campaign the going through the last couple of years and now he is. He's still registered for the next senatorial race as an independent not even as a Democrat. And so he's coming. He's reregistered as Democrats run. He is running away with it. In these first two states and for the other candidates you know De de Joe Biden is basically what Bush was last time round. You Know Jeb. Bush even brought his. You know his brother former two-time president his dad on board the campaign and still couldn't make a breakthrough so we're seeing that same thing with Joe Biden. We'll see whether he he's GonNa Mention Obama even more in the build up to South Carolina but really now he is pretty much out of this this and if the Democrats want to get moderate candidate will clover shirt. You've got Warren. You've got pete. They and Bloomberg is well. Of course it's not forget they now need to pick one one of them and the others need to fall away. Otherwise they're going to be so split that Bernie Sanders is going to run away with this and the second thing to say is there is an ugly side to the Sanders Campaign Ryan as well. We saw it again. Last night. Cynthia Nixon the actress from sex in the city who try to become New Yorker Governor recently and is now a Bernie supporters. She had to shut down a crowd out who booed when Hillary Clinton's name was mentioned. And we're seeing there. Is this kind of vindictive side and Bernie's campaign the Bernie Bros.. Who are turning off mainstream even Democrats so it remains to be seen if Bernie can bring parties together because there are people unhappy with his conduct? The last election in Calvin mentioned some of the sort of people seen seen as the middle ground candidates. The aim Who did very well yesterday? But he's done well in in both the people around him seem to be trying to frame him now now as twenty twenty s version of Obama as the outside of that no one had heard of. Who's going to storm through the race? But I mean is he is he. Is he in Alabama a Buddha Jiji. You're talking about now. We'll look. He has clearly got charisma. He's young Buddy lacks experience I think it's very difficult to see how he could win over those saunders supporters. Just as. It's very difficult indeed to see. How Bernie Ernie Saunders can win over those that larger number of motors? I think what's interesting if you look at what happened last night Saunders was the victor there were about a third of the votes went to Saunders Elizabeth Warren on the more radical wing of the party more than half went to the others who more or less centrist. But as Vincent was pointing out They've got to make up their minds. Because if that memorial memorial vote is split between several different candidates Then there is a strong possibility that saunders come through the middle. I think we do have to watch out for Michael Bloomberg Berg who has fought this rather on docks campaign of skipping housed on all these primaries but his spending he spent since the beginning of the year more than three hundred million dollars on advertising and advertising campaign. That's getting through too much larger numbers than and these political events which perhaps only capture a small amount of the electorate now. He's a bit of an unknown quantity But he we'll certainly feel looking at the fact that there's no other really clear front runner at the moment that he still has to be in there with Jones. Obviously we will learn more. We we get to Super Tuesday at the beginning of March not may well be the death knell for Joe Biden. If he's not able to to to get anywhere but we never parallels British and American politics and in the general election in the UK. Back in December. You bumped into people said the choice I've been given is a hard right conservative government or hard left Labor government Vote is actually. Don't feel they sit in the middle in the end of the vote is did break left him right pretty much consistently if you go through that in America if it sounded Zondo's trump then what happens to those middle ground. American voters is the reason. No third party candidate has ever done anything other than screw up the mathematics the electoral college so presumably they all just going to have to pick a side. Yeah people always you know early on campaign people worried about Tulsi Gabbard splitting the Democrat. Vote but but I think just to go back on one part of your question. A we call Joe Biden now on one thing is that he polls extraordinary high with black voters and has ninety-nine percent name recognition in America. When we get to the next one which is South Carolina very You know African American state. He might surge ahead that it was interesting that he actually. He left New Hampshire last night before the result and he had a rally in South Carolina and then with Super Tuesday much more diverse state. So he could pull stuff back Because because you know Pete Bootleg does very poorly with black voters. Amy Club shells also good issues as a time as a lawyer in in terms of criminal issues that she prosecuted And so do you know. It's not absolutely so not yet but yeah it is for a lot of people. You Know Bernie. Democrats will have the same problem that Republicans had with trump. Is it. Do you just hold your nose and vote for him can burn. He put through a message of we have to get trump out which is what Joe Biden has been trying to do. You might not think I've got all these you know snazzy new policies but I'm just the take back the soul of America get trump out and what what the camp has to do behind Bernie is to really say say you know you have to hold your nose and vote for him just to get trump out but his policies and particularly an attack. I heard last night. The hadn't heard before with Bernie is you know. He took his honeymoon in the. US are before the Iron Curtain fell now in America that is going to play so bad and I think we're going to hear a lot more about that in the next couple couple of weeks

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