Telecoms Mega-Merger

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And T. mobile the long-awaited merger of the number. Three and number four wireless providers is closer to happening nearly two years after I being announced announced a US district judge ruled in favor of the twenty six billion dollar deal rejecting an unusual suit filed in June by attorneys general from thirteen states and DC. In that suit the states argued a combined sprint T.. Mobile would reduce competition in the industry and lead to higher cell phone bills for consumers yesterday on the pod. We brought you Andrew Ross. Sorkin exclusive exclusive discussion with Marcello Flora the former sprint CEO who is now executive chairman of we work and CEO of Softbank a sprint investor. We're going to have a decision. I'm based on the merits of the merger. Nothing has changed. We believe that is the best for. US consumer central repetition. The judge's decision was announced today while Squawk box was on the air. Sending the stock price of both companies straight up. It is now official a federal judge approving

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