Mississippi State likely missing QB Garrett Shrader for bowl game after alleged altercation with teammate


Mississippi state quarterback Garrett Schrader out for music city bowl reportedly due to injuries sustained an altercation with teammate turns out Schrader looks like has oral bone broken or fractured in practice Friday last week with a teammate so now senior transfer Tommy Stevens from Penn state will start the music city bowl all the Mississippi state coach Tom there Joe Moore had said was hit upper body injury because I punched in the face it looks like a body Camillus looks like a defense of player punch him in the face in practice some sort of him had went home to home in on him and so Hey Steven have been blank is Stephen played in the egg bowl and Schrader came in for Stephen after his ribs this isn't that crazy to have Tommy Stevens command who'd been the star even so much fighting before damn ball game it means more in the SEC became known as me more yeah meetings mean more practices mean more they get to the point where you're at in it the fights that are causing you to miss time and now in music city Kerry Schrader has to face the

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