Eli Manning returns as NY Giants' starting quarterback

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If you look last season Eli complete sixty. Three percent of his passes in the two games against Philli. Five hundred seventy passing yards in. It initially looked like he was going to have all his weapons tonight. But Evan Ingram. I guess was scratched Saturday afternoon. Shurmur said he thought he would play on Friday. So that is a big loss expecting Evan Ingram to go but now he's out and he was a went back looked at both meetings last season the first go round the giants outgained Philly by point eight yards per play. The Second Meeting New York goes into Philly puts up over. Four hundred yards of offense outgained the eagles by one point four yards per play. So I can tell you when this game reached ten we did see a by on Eli in the giants it was a value bet Nothing huge coach to quickly go over this. Because I don't know how much time we want to spend. I think if you're looking at the giants it's not a lot paying. The answer is not a lot like as I'm talking hogging motivating the speed at. There's two things that are that are somewhat relevant. Here right in the first is Eli against the Eagles Defensive Line in the pressure that can be created their right. Allies always hated pressure. We kind of made that joke years ago. He looks like a fish out of water. When pressures on and you gotTA drops the game the ground and got him squiggle we've seen him duck out of throws over the years right? A lot of his mistakes. Come when guys are barreling down on this season and it's only two game sample size. But there's a reason he was replaced it's because he has a passer rating of fifteen when he's under pressure and the eagles are top. Ten in pressuring. I'm not sure how Mike remers at right. Tackle is going to be able to handle Brandon Graham the night and if you read. The tea leaves their Brandon Grams Hoping for transactions at seven and a half now there's a couple bonuses and escalators that he would like to achieve so so get thirteen tonight. That's going to be one of the match ups to watch right pressure on. Eli Specifically Brandon. Graham against Mike remers at right tackle. I guess the second question. B Saquon against the Eagles defense. It's probably going to be tough sledding right. The giants online doesn't create a lot of space Four saquon in the ground game. You look. They're twenty six and then justed line yards on the other side. You have an eagles defense. That's eighth and defensive. Rush efficiency seventh in rushing success rate. You would think the goal for Phillies to shutdown saquon Maki lie beat them internally. I can tell you that gym shorts and the Eagles defense or embarrassed last week at Miami. They've said as much the unit thought they were turning a corner. They're becoming the strength of the team. Last week's performance kind of came out of nowhere. I would expect them to rebound a little bit here On that side of the ball

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