2020 Golden Globes RECAP



Light and the Hollywood award show season and the road to the Oscars is under way Jim group joins us from Hollywood this morning where the golden globes awards were held just last night Michael it started out with five time and controversial host Ricki surveys pulling no punches for me the Hollywood foreign press can ban the speaking English but you'll look lovely I am doing a limos I kind in in a limo tonight on the license plate was might by Phyllis the Hoffman H. O. got political to from Michelle Williams promoting a woman's right to choose to call for more action to combat climate change by Patricia Arquette A. K. planchette to Joaquin Phoenix making note that the plant based meals served at the golden globes was one step in the right direction against climate change we we handle products is no longer just a personal choice it is having a drastic in bass closer grand in this election year a call to get out the vote by a number of winners speaking of which it was Joaquin Phoenix who took the trophy for best drama film actor for joker called out the drama of the award show to my fellow nominees we all know there's no competition between us

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