Military academies probe possible 'white power' sign at game


Canada number one racist cadets and midshipmen military officials say that they're looking into why army and navy academy students slash the OK hand sign on live TV live TV during the army navy football game and a why gesture that has become associated with white power white pool uesp white point cadets west point cadets and Naval Academy midshipman made the signal during the E. S. P. N. pregame broadcast on Saturday we're looking into it I don't know what their intention was lieutenant colonel Chris part a spokesperson for the prestigious academy at west point in New York told the Wall Street journal commander Allana Garo's spokesperson for the US Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland said we are where we are looking into it the gesture which looks kind of like a sign for okay with the thumb and forefinger touching to make a circle but it's usually done down low right it doesn't mean it really doesn't matter if it's not in times you do it up sometimes you do it down some notes its the group recently become a symbol used by white supremacists in part because of the because of its

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