Who's Most Valuable? Apple Is Still the Champ Over Microsoft


Stealing apples crown as the markets most valuable company our very own Don Q's back in the newsroom to break it down for us. Dumb. Well, Melissa it's about as heavy as heavyweight battles. Get the two biggest publicly traded companies in the land battling each other for that market cap supremacy. It's been apple for as long as many can remember, but Microsoft is one the last few rounds if you want to keep the boxing analogy. So here's how things stand apple given today's close now worth around eight hundred and twenty seven billion dollars, Microsoft, given the fact that it had an update is now worth around eight hundred and twenty two billion dollars. So the crown for now still belongs to the iphone giant, but just a few bucks here and there on stock price, and we could swing balanced back towards Microsoft at each company's respective peak market value, apple still has all the bragging rights having surpassed that big one trillion dollar, Mark. And it was on October third. It was worth around north of one point one trillion dollars that was the peak market cap for apple meanwhile, Microsoft, which also hit a record high on that same day is worth around eight hundred ninety two. Billion dollars at that point. But Apple's recent woes have cost it about a quarter of its market value. Since those highs while Microsoft is held up relatively well. Shedding only around eight percent of its value. Now, both companies are mature tech giant's that are trying to get investors to focus more on faster-growing parts of the business like say services at apple or the cloud business as your at Microsoft, so Melissa which relative value trade will investors by more into. That's the big question

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