Hanes, Alvarado And Georgia discussed on Von Haessler Doctrine


Center crash clearing, Georgia four hundred southbound at two out of a left lane. But that's what's keeping you on the breaks before the river, also outfit also over and Alvarado. You have traffic lights that are out northpoint Parkway between sale and Hanes brand for it. With caution, of course, expect delays elsewhere over onto eastbound riverside drive just pass it you have construction in the right lane. S what's keeping you on the brakes pass seventy-five and also seventy five southbound slow from the one twenty loops over on the outer loop twenty five southbound past Hollowell Parkway exit twelve multi vehicle wreck still in that left lane. Delays start at the river pretty much cleared up over on the east side inner and outer loop. Earlier crashes now gone still watching a few brake lights downtown connector seventy five eighty five northbound from university getting through the Grady curb and ask construction seventy five northbound past Jodeco road in the right lane. That's what's causing.

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