Rebuking Trump, senators back effort to suspend U.S. support for Saudi-led war in Yemen


My mind because I'm pissed the way that ministrations handled the Saudi Arabia, then is just not acceptable. The briefing today did not help me at all. That are understand the role NBS play in the killing Mr. Kosova that is the crucial question the briefing. He's referring to was today. The entire Senate briefed on the brutal murder and dismemberment of the Washington Post journalist and American resident Jamal kashogi the CIA director Gina hassle who has seen all the evidence and news agency concluded that the Saudi Crown prince personally directed the murder was not there. She did not breach. Senators instead, the president sent Defense Secretary Jim Madison secretary of state might Pompeii up and campa after writing an op-ed. Here's a printout which refers to quote, Capitol Hill caterwauling in media pylons and continues to say no that no matter what quote degrading US Saudi ties would be a grave mistake. Went today to parrot the presidents were. Zyl to believe America's intelligence communities conclusion. Do believe I've read every piece of intelligence in the last few hours. I think I read it all there is no direct reporting could Asking asking. to the order. That's all I can say classifieds. And just just keep in mind here. This man recently had you Nashville something who's running the CIA. So these are all the people who worked for him who run intelligence for the United States have concluded this, and he just came out. And obviously said. He he he doesn't agree. Those words more than poop pissed off Senator Graham and others, including Senator rand Paul here. He has moments ago on CNN. The CIA concluded with high probability that the crown prince was involved, and so that conclusions being

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