Millennials Are Getting More Obesity-Related Cancers Than Baby Boomers


Cancers linked to obesity are on the rise. Among millennials those born in the eighties. Nineties Adriana Diaz has more on the study and young adults ages twenty five to twenty nine over the last twenty years kidney cancer rates increased to six point two percent. Every year pancreatic gall bladder. And endometrial cancers are also rising. When baby boomers were younger their risk for some of these obesity related cancers was half the rate thirtysomethings face today. Millennials are seen as health conscious. But this study would suggest that that might not be the case. Excess body weight is a known carcinogen number of fat cells is greater Dr Neil. I n gar researches its effects. What is it specifically about fat cells that might be contributing to cancer, those fat cells overtime start to become inflamed. And diseased these larger fat cells then produce inflammatory molecules that can stimulate the growth of cancer. We know that one out of six female cancer related deaths are related to obesity and one out of seven male cancer related deaths are related to obesity if we can improve the obesity epidemic. We stand to impact. The lives of many many people right now obesity is the second most common preventable cause of cancer after tobacco. But with the decline in smoking doctors expect it to become the primary. Preventable cause of cancer in young

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