Two Men Spent 340 Days in Space. Scientists Are Still Figuring Out What They've Learned


All right between March two thousand fifteen March two thousand sixteen Ammann's Penneteau three hundred fifty seven hours being poked prodded sacrificing blood urine sweating through sprints letting other rita's journals after he had just completed three hundred and forty days in the space, and that man was Scott Kelly and with his Russian counterpart me, call Coronado coll-. They basically were the first. It was the first attempt Donner sand how such long stints without gravity effect the human body. But while the men returned earthly three years ago, scientists are still trying to figure out what they learned a new paperless out the test built into the one your mission, and it can take size in the context of longer space light would required to do a mission to Mars with a tour two three years, you know, without a lot of gravity. So. Anyway, they haven't quite figured out what they learned yet, which is kind of weird. Maybe they never figured out. Who knows he went bodies

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